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BlackBerry Instant Messaging Clients (Head-to-Head Review)

Jul 08, 2008: 

We take a look at a bunch of the big names in BlackBerry instant messaging, like IM+, JiveTalk, and some of the more impressive newcomers out there.

Review: SugarSync

Jun 25, 2008: 

There are a lot of different places where you can keep your files these days - SugarSync can keep ‘em all together.

Rogers BlackBerry 8120 Hands-on, WiFi browsing is lame

Jun 11, 2008: 

BBCool Douglas plays with the WiFi options on the BlackBerry 8120, and has a hell of a time browsing the web.

Women are buying more smartphones, pink is a factor

Jun 10, 2008: 

The number of women owning smartphones in the last year has doubled. Thank the iPhone and the color pink.

BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: 2008 Winners

May 27, 2008: 

Drumroll, please! The judges have spoken, and made their calls on this year’s Best of WES. Shiny gold stars all around!

Review: StudentBerry

Mar 11, 2008: 

The life of the modern academic is a hectic one, so it’s no wonder they’re using BlackBerrys… but are the basic apps good enough to come out head of the class?

Review: HanDBase

Jan 24, 2008: 

Yeah, who doesn’t want to fill out forms on your BlackBerry? HanDBase does the job, and if you’ve got the brain for it, you can make your own tables, too.

Review: WorldMate Live

Jan 11, 2008: 

We take a look at a great piece of travel management software for your BlackBerry. Try it out for free!

Review: Mentat

Dec 14, 2007: 

BBCool reviews a unique take on task management. Mentat offers sparse, lightweight task management for folks who like Getting Things Done.

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