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BG confirms new Pearl (8120)?

Boy Genius has been doing his wireless industry superspy thing again. The BG indicates that we could see a new version of the Pearl, the 8120, coming out by September, with not only new colours, but with 2.0 Mpx camera, Wi-Fi and GPS. Considering the news we broke at WES, it seems as though the next Pearl could be coming sooner than we thought, with Pearl 2.0/the 9100 being held off until next year.

Regardless of what new version of the Pearl we see first, recent news incidates that Wi-Fi is definitely coming into town in a big way.

WES 2007 Rumors: The Next-Gen Pearl

Haven’t been posting as much as I’d like, but that’s because I had to dig deep for this dirt on the next-gen BlackBerry Pearl. That’s right, Pearl 2.0.

Now, obviously RIM always has something in the works for new devices, and with the Pearl being a runaway quasi-consumer success, it makes sense for them to be looking to eventually upgrade the device, especially considering that the BlackBerry 8300 trumps the Pearl’s much vaunted multimedia features. So here’s what we’ve learned…

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Blackjack getting WM6 after June

Word has it that the Blackjack will be packing Windows Mobile 6 after June. God knows there’s enough being packed into that month as is. Some folks have given decent reviews of WM6 on the Dash, so there’s a good chance the Blackjack’s treatment will go equally well.

Not that we’re rooting for ‘em, or anything.

Helio’s Ocean to be out by 21st?

There’s rumbling that the Helio could be out by the 21st. As a very real competitor to the Curve and iPhone, coming out a solid month before them is probably a smart move. It feels like this device has been largely out of the limelight, with RIM and Apple hogging most of the press, which could put Helio at an advantage.

The Ocean’s going to be packing 3G, HTML browsability, stereo speakers, full QWERTY and keypad, and some pretty cool dual-sliding action. First and foremost, though, it’s marketing itself as a social networking machine, and will be sporting a slew of IM client support. You’re looking at $295 for this sucker, which isn’t insane. It’s got undeniable style, and will no doubt give the Curve a run for her money. Specs behind the jump.

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Curve and iPhone to duke it out in June?

BGR managed to get a leak on the iPhone’s release date: June 15th, according to his source. June, eh? That would conveniently slip it onto the Curve’s release, at least with Rogers. With a simultaneous release, we’ll be able to see for sure whether or not Apple and RIM are going to be selling to mutually exclusive markets, like RIM’s been suggesting all along. What do you guys think? It’s going to be an interesting summer, in any case.

Introducing… The BlackBerry Curve (Updated)

That’s right, it looks as though the Pearl will no longer be RIM’s only consumer branded device. The merry men over at the Boy Genius Report have revealed that RIM’s recently purchased domain now redirects to, indicating that will be the new name for the device.

The BG crew is also predicting we’ll see an official announcement about the device at WES. As always, BBCool will be there to give you the straight goods. Until then, post a comment and tell us what you think about the name; the staff here remains largely undecided.

Update: BG is giving his stamp of confirmation that the Curve will be announced at WES next week, and most likely coming to AT&T, T-Mobile and Rogers in May. Whew! Also, RIM has stopped the redirect from to Oh those crazy kids in Waterloo: always one step ahead of the game!

RIM had two-hour notice of blackout, shrugs helplessly

RIMThere’s been some muttering that RIM knew about the blackout last week a solid two hours before it hit. A few folks reckon that BlackBerry users should have been able to get a heads up on the outage, but that might not be the case. Now, I’m no technician (they keep me around BBCool for my good looks and charm), but how easy do you guys think it is to determine that there’s nothing you can do in a case like that? If a doctor has two hours to save a patient’s life, would you rather he spend that time fighting a possibly avoidable death, or use it trying to figure out how to tell the family? There’s no doubt that behind RIM’s cool, tight-lipped PR façade was a gaggle of headless chickens trying figure out what the hell went wrong, and I’d way rather they do that than focus on spin-doctoring, trying to cover the company’s ass for the screw-up.

Of course, I’m not saying that a warning of some service interruptions wouldn’t have been appreciated. Even if it was just before the crash happened, anything would have stopped a lot of customers from harassing tech support about something AT&T et al. couldn’t fix. But outside of telling people what they would have figured out eventually anyway, how much difference would early warning have really made? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

Motorola Q 9h coming to AT&T in August

Word on the street is that the latest update to the Motorola Q (along with its sexy new black styling) will be heading AT&T’s way some time in August.

Details are a little sketchy at this point, as we are still a few months away, but you can expect quad-band EDGE, tri-band UMTS/HSDPA, 2 megapixel camera with 30fps video capture, and Windows Mobile 6 at the very least.

More BlackBerry 8830 deets leak, we were right about iBerry (kind of)

Mmm, more juicy goodness about the very intriguing BlackBerry 8830 has surfaced on Engadget Mobile. We’ve all heard about the built in spell checker and its 3G CDMA/GSM hybridization for awhile now, but new details have emerged that the 8830 will come loaded with iTunes! With support for a 2.0 GB microSD card, this essentially means you’re rocking a solid BB/iPod combo.

Hmm, a BlackBerry with iTunes support… Sounds familiar…

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BlackBerry 9xxx update: better screen (finally)

This is coming from the Boy Genius Report via BBCool’s main man, Jibi. Seems like he got his hands on some new BlackBerry 9xxx info, specifically for the BlackBerry 9900, stating that the yet to be released device will feature a screen resolution of 384×288. This is the same aspect ratio found on the BlackBerrys 8700/8800, but will obviously offer a larger viewing area or sharper image (bet on the latter).

Other than letting us know that the device will launch with OS 5.0, Jibi can’t say much else other than confirming the 9900’s existence. We’ll keep you in the know when more spills from his lips.


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