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BlackBerry Application Suite does exist — HTC Touch Pro video proof!


For those of you that thought yesterdays photos of a virtual BlackBerry OS running on a Windows Mobile HTC Touch Pro were fake, the video above should put you at ease. As someone that has been using the BlackBerry Storm for awhile, the concept of navigating the BlackBerry OS with a stylus doesn’t seem too weird. Of course, the whole WinMo thing makes me feel dizzier than Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo. Keep up the good work, Ronen!

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David Pogue responds to review criticism


Following up on his article responding to criticism for his review of the BlackBerry Storm, New York Times technology critic David Pogue has hit the TV circuit. I normally wouldn’t have posted this, as after Al Sacco’s rebuttal, I feel I am over Pogue’s review. However, the video is an excellent lesson for RIM. RIM knew they were releasing an OS update shortly after launch, we knew it, but David Pogue didn’t. If RIM had told him rather than keeping mum, they probably wouldn’t have received such a negative review from one of the most influential voices in the technology world. Click the link below to see Pogue’s CNBC interview.

David Pogue talks BlackBerry Storm on CNBC

How to: train for the BlackBerry Storm


Judging from most of your comments, BlackBerry Nation, you’re still having a difficult time picking up a BlackBerry Storm. Consider it a blessing in disguise. Many of you likely still need some training before delving into the touchscreen BlackBerry experience; the video above will show you everything you need to know. No pain, no gain!

Stars rocked the Telus BlackBerry Storm launch


Our Canadian Music Blog, also happened to be at the Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party. While I was at the back of the room playing with the toys, TCR was front row rocking out to Arts&Crafts recording artist Stars.

If you like what you see above (and you should) you can check out more live music at the link below. Rock and roll.

Stars live at Telus Storm launch

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Judy Mellett talks Telus BlackBerry Storm


Despite both my intentions and best efforts, I actually ended up doing some work during the Telus BlackBerry Storm launch party. Judy Mellett, Director of Product Realization at Telus, was brave enough to spend a few minutes outside with me in the harsh Toronto cold discussing the BlackBerry Storm and the role it plays in Telus’ overall strategy. It was interesting to hear her position the Storm as both a business and consumer device. Check it out.

Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party Schwag Unboxing


What would a launch party be without free schwag? Telus gave each attendee a sweet gift bag in addition to a free BlackBerry Storm at their launch party, which is a great way to make a lowly blogger feel like VIP. Favorite piece of schwag? Probably the Stars tee shirt. Yes, the chocolate was tasty. Oh, and my kitty enjoyed the stuffed meercat.