Since March 2005, BlackBerry Cool has been the destination for those who desire the best in BlackBerry new coverage. Here are the people who make it happen:

KyleKyle McInnes - Editor in Chief

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Kyle has been working with Smoke Labs for several years on and off. When not at Smoke Labs, Kyle was working in a variety of web and wireless based industries around the world. In 2007, Kyle did web consulting for the Foreign Trade Administration, while living in Jerusalem, Israel. In 2008, Kyle moved to Daejeon South Korea, to teach English and develop his writing skills. Kyle not only manages and publishes the majority of content on the site, he also does the lion’s share of the dishes at the office. He is now in Ottawa, Canada where BlackBerryCool is headquartered.

nanpalmeroNan Palmero

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You can frequently find Nan Palmero reading technology blogs at every opportunity. He has been able to intertwine his personal passions for technology into the culture at Sales by 5 where he helps ensure that Sales by 5’s clients are communicating and working faster and better than their competitors. Nan is also a driving force behind the Sales by 5 Blog, which provides visitors with fast and practical ideas to increase sales. You can find Nan Palmero on BlackBerry Cool as the writer of our critically acclaimed Power User editorial series.

MattMatt Cameron

Matt has helped do any and every video you’ve seen on BlackBerryCool that is remotely well edited. If it was poorly edited, it was done by Kyle. Matt has worked in the mobile games industry for about 2 years. His real creative juices flow when he does his VJ’ing sets for various bars and nightclubs around the city. All in all, he has been cultivating a career as a video artist for about 5 years. He is entirely self-taught and really good at what he does. If you’re ever in the Ottawa area, check out the Mercury Lounge on a Saturday night.

lisa hernandezLisa Hernandez

Lisa has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 9 years. She recently graduated with her MBA, has a passion for technology, social media and marathons. Twitter is a favorite for this nerdy chick. You can follow her at @bemadthen.

Friends of BlackBerry Cool

lou treizeGiancarlo Casale

Giancarlo lives in Montreal and is an avid BlackBerry user. He’s studying accounting right now and works for the family business. Giancarlo (aka LouTreize), owns a Mac and has a lot of insight into BlackBerry users on Mac. Although he doesn’t directly work in the space, LT is quite good at writing and can put together a very well rounded review. He also enjoys economics and his tweets will make you laugh.

BlackBerry Cool EIC Douglas Soltys and RIM Co-CEO Jim BalsillieDouglas Soltys

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With a half-decade of experience in the wireless industry, Douglas “tr0n” Soltys has seen mobile culture evolve from early childhood to its now impetuous teen years. Prior to working on QuicklyBored, a mobile entertainment site, Douglas worked for a variety of smartphone software developers in the Ottawa area. When not blogging about all things mobile, Douglas can be found extolling the virtues of Strunk and White.

Simon Sage
Simon used to write for BlackBerry Cool and he made an excellent podcast. He writes for IntoMobile and specializes in BlackBerry coverage.

Wes Tam
Wes Tam has worked in the mobile gaming space for 4 + years as a programmer, game designer and producer. Previously, he worked in the R&D group of a 3D Television Animation Startup on procedural animation systems as well as procedural entertainment content on mobile devices.

Al Sacco
Al writes for and does a great job of keeping everyone entertained on Twitter.

Bla1ze writes for CB and has a site called videos4blackberry. His articles are great and he’s always on point with BlackBerry rich media. His site is still in Alpha and collecting users. Make sure you drop him a helpful comment or two on his forums.