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BlackBerry 7290 top pop
BlackBerry 7290
Description: The BlackBerry 7290 delivers access to email, corporate data and voice services while roaming in many countries and destinations around the world. The handheld also features Bluetooth support for wireless headsets and car kits, 32MB flash memory, a brighter LED backlight, as well as an updated QWERTY keyboard style with highlighted number keys for easy dialing and typing. It also features cradle-free wireless email synchronization, integrated attachment viewing, and remote address look up in addition to secure, push-based wireless connectivity for corporate users.

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Added : 05-31-2005
Downloads: 1915
Display  : 65,000 colors
Battery Life  : 4 hours talk time / 9 days standby
Memory  : 32 MB flash memory plus 4 MB SRAM
Supported OS  : Supported by version 3.6 or higher
Network  : Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS
Works In  : US / Canada / Europe / Asia
Rating : 4.28

Votes : 71
Reviews : 8

Reviews: (8)
  • The phone kills the battery faster than data. Get the expanded battery pack. Don't use fancy (large files) graphics files as screensavers. Put some 3M non-skid tape (grip-tape for skateboarders) in small strips on the sides and near the ESC button for a little extra haptic response. Learn how to make the most of your shortcuts, and your own shorthand.

    Oh. And ALWAYS make sure that people who SMS you SIGN their messages with a phone number or initial or something.


    (Added: 03-14-2006 User Guest )
  • Ive had the device for a while now and i've yet to find a flaw. Other then not having fancy ring tones, this is a beatiful device. Great reception, great clear sound, easy to use. Just a beauty.
    (Added: 12-20-2005 User Guest )
  • -reception is great
    -battery lasts several days even with the batt meter at 15% it lasts a whole 11 work day
    -color screen is bright and vibrant
    -many short cut keys make it fast and easy to navigate (however these keys take some time to master)
    -in short this unit is probably the best RIM may offer in comparison to the 7100 with it's hard to use key layout

    (Added: 11-13-2005 User Guest )
  • Excellent device, though a bit rough around the edges. A few gripes. The email app is quite limited. Although I can sort by name or subject, I can't seem to sort by a combination, for example if I was waiting for email from Joan and John, I have to monitor the inbox or to set the search to either Joan's or John's address, but not both.

    The other gripe refers to battery life. I receive about 600 emails per day, and battery life is usually at most two days before the low battery indicator pops up.

    It would be wonderful if a future Blackberry incorporated the touchscreen. After using the Palm PDAs, it is really irksome to have to scroll and alt scroll to edit my text.

    P.S. I do not use the phone functions, so I cannot advise on that.

    (Added: 08-30-2005 User Guest )
  • with the bluetooth inside this one, you cant beat it...
    (Added: 08-29-2005 User Guest )
  • Great device. Phone sounds great. Email is great. Few minor complaints: it's easy to accidentally hang up a call because the esc button is where you would normally grip the phone. Also, ringer selection is limited... only monophonic beeps, no fancy tones. Otherwise, quite a powerful device.
    (Added: 07-05-2005 User Guest )
  • Slow when accessing other applications, missed calls that go straight into voice mail, I dont know if this is the network or device. Bluetooth works very well, picks up the headset every time. I like the feel of the 7280 better.

    (Added: 06-21-2005 User Guest )
  • Excellent phone and for email.
    (Added: 06-09-2005 User Guest )
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