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BlackBerry 7780
Description: The RIM BlackBerry 7780 delivers an exceptional mobile experience thanks to its large, easy-to-read, backlit, 240 x 240 resolution display that supports over 65,000 colours. A backlit QWERTY keyboard designed for incredibly easy thumb-typing adds further convenience. With the always-on BlackBerry 7780, customers can read, compose, forward, or reply to messages at their convenience and view attachments in common document formats.

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Added : 05-31-2005
Downloads: 1143
Display  : 65,000 colors - 240 x 240
Battery Life  : 5 hours talk-time / 9 days standby
Memory  : 16 MB flash memory plus 2 MB SRAM
Supported OS  : Supported by version 3.6 or higher
Network  : Tri-Band: 850/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS networks
Works In  : US / Canada / Europe / Asia
Rating : 3.63

Votes : 19
Reviews : 4

Reviews: (4)
  • All of the comments and concerns listed are very valid with this 7780 model. Because of its somewhat complex dialing features (for the people you dont have as one touch dialer or recent call list), the voice dialer would be VERY beneficial. This thing can do about anything but that.
    (Added: 12-29-2005 User Guest )
  • ffhdlfhkjasd
    (Added: 10-12-2005 User Guest )
  • it is the best in town
    (Added: 09-14-2005 User Guest )
  • So far I have nothing but good things to say about my 7780. I love the screen and the keyboard. It's a great size and not too heavy.

    Further improvements would include BlueTooth, MP3 player and a camera. Voice dialing would be good too...oh ya a speaker phone too.


    (Added: 08-28-2005 User Guest )
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