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BlackBerry 8100 / Pearl top pop

Description: The BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8100™ smartphone is one of the world’s smallest smartphones and packs all of the power of BlackBerry. It comes complete with digital camera, multimedia capabilities and expandable memory. And it offers users everything else they would expect from a BlackBerry device – including phone, email, web browser, text messaging (SMS and MMS), instant messaging, organizer applications and more.

The BlackBerry Pearl provides Quad-Band network support on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM™/GPRS and EDGE* networks to allow for international roaming between North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The BlackBerry Pearl is small enough to take anywhere. It’s the ultimate combination of brains and beauty. Small. Smart and Stylish. So you can live large.

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Added : 09-29-2006
Downloads: 5245
Display  : Large, bright, high resolution, portrait screen, supporting over 65,000 colors / 240 x 260 pixel color display
Battery Life  : Up to 15 days standby time and 3.5 hrs talk time
Memory  : 64 MB flash memory
Supported OS  : v 4.2
Network  : Quad-Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM™/GPRS and EDGE networks
Works In  : North America, Europe, Asia Pacific
Rating : 4.63

Votes : 217
Reviews : 46

Reviews: (10)
  • i dont know what the person under me was talking about. im on myspace on my pearl all the time. i can send and receive comments and messages post blogs and just about anything else i normally do on my computer.. it works great and the pages only take a bit to load .. maybe you have a setting wrong.. this is the best phone i have had and i have had just about all of them. i think it could use a better music player though and would have been cool if it could record video.. i did get the track ball to be colored ( i can switch it between 6 colors) awesome phone!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Added: 03-27-2007 User Guest )
  • awesome phone couldnt be happier... for all the myspace nerds that think that a phone is meant to be used for surfing myspace... stick to your computer! a phone is meant for just that a phone all the other apps are perks and ... in this case OUTSTANDING a few problems with the blackberry servers (as per usual) but all around solid phone...~ScionLife~
    (Added: 03-20-2007 User Guest )
  • i think the phone is overall crap. you can go to myspace but you can't do much on myspace. the phone is JUNK.
    (Added: 03-18-2007 User Guest )
  • I love the pearl. It is the best phone I have ever had. I want everyone to get one. It will be the best investment ever.
    (Added: 03-09-2007 User Guest )
  • Outstanding mobile phone! Best I have ever had. I travel globally and the phone works in every country I have traveled to. Only smart drawback is that sometimes you have to remove the battery to synch up with the provider in that country. Otherwise, the phone works great, battery lasts a long time and overall quality is great. Strongly recommend the Blackberry Pearl for the road warrior!
    (Added: 02-27-2007 User Guest )
  • This phone is a big disappointment because it doesn't sync with my Mac even though my last Blackberry did. Worse yet, customer support at Blackberry and T-Mobile act like it is something they are not familiar with even though it is showing up as an issue on every review site. Can I get my old Blackberry back?
    (Added: 02-22-2007 User Guest )
  • in response to questions - sim card error - you need a new sim card, the one you have may be too old
    the battery cover problem is easily solved by a tiny amount of blue tac stuck to the battery, I had the same problem with an old Nokia and again with this Pearl - tried it and it all now stays in place

    (Added: 02-15-2007 User Guest )
  • AGREE with the 911 Gremlin. Does anyone have a fix application that replaces the lock so that when locked the phone CAN NOT dial 911? PLEASE Its becoming seriously annoying!
    (Added: 02-13-2007 User Guest )
  • This phone is awesome. I will defintitally recomend it.
    (Added: 02-13-2007 User Guest )
  • the one thing that gets me about this phone is how they boast about the multimedia capabilities, yet it does not have the a2dp technology to support stereo bluetooth headsets. To me this is a major flaw when calling this phone a fully multimedia functionally phone.
    In a wireless world, why would you not include this? instead we have to work with a minidin connector and find wired stereo headphones that are of descent quality to listen to music.

    (Added: 02-07-2007 User Guest )
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