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MemoryUp Professional- Mobile Memory & RAM Booster (Specially Designed for BlackBerry) v2.7 by eMobiStudio Inc
MemoryUp Professional Edition
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MemoryUp Pro is a powerful BlackBerry RAM boosting tool and Java virtual machine (JVM) management application specially designed for BlackBerry users. It is a handy memory optimizer tool that will keep your BlackBerry running faster and efficiently. It increases your BlackBerry performance by making more memory available for both your applications and the BlackBerry system.

MemoryUp Pro is designed to tackle the difficult but crucial problem of memory management for BlackBerry users. Memory is the most precious resource in your BlackBerry; when it becomes low, your BlackBerry will slow down severely or crash. Most mobile system can not handle your memory properly by itself. Over time, no matter how much memory you have, your BlackBerry system will slowly lose memory, bringing you to a critical state. MemoryUp Pro solves these problems by reclaiming lost memory for your programs. It helps your BlackBerry run at optimum speed by efficiently defragmenting your BlackBerry's memory, recovering memory leaks from poorly behaved applications, flushing unused libraries temporarily out to disk and so on. By all this optimization tricks your favorite applications and games will run faster and efficiently even on old BlackBerry.

MemoryUp Pro is optimized for all series of BlackBerry, which can monitor your BlackBerry system in the background, freeing resources when needed. It uses many advanced features to keep your BlackBerry running at optimum speed. But more importantly, it's designed with all users in mind; whether you're a power-user or a novice, MemoryUp Pro will give you the features you want without confusing or limiting you.

Praised by both individual users and large companies alike, MemoryUp Pro is the best utility of its type available. MemoryUp Pro from eMobiStudio Inc. represents the best technical and design efforts modern BlackBerry software, to bring you a technically superior, yet easy-to-use memory management utility.

  • + Real-time BlackBerry Memory Calculation & statistics
  • MemoryUp Pro gives you professional, easy-to-read statistics on your BlackBerry's memory use. You can see a graph of your total memory and current memory use. MemoryUp Pro makes it easy to see how well your BlackBerry is performing, and where any problems are.
  • + Performance targets
  • Using MemoryUp Pro's settings function, you can set performance goals right for your different profiles. MemoryUp Pro will work to keep your memory at desired levels, and will act immediately if memory drops below minimum levels.
  • + Quick boosting
  • In addition to monitoring and reclaiming your memory on its own, MemoryUp Pro lets you boost your memory by hand. The Quick Boost feature lets you watch as MemoryUp Pro works - you can see more memory become available. Quick Boost remembers the settings that work best on your BlackBerry.
  • + Auto-boosting in the background
  • Your memory is the most important resource in your BlackBerry, and how it is used can drastically affect performance. Auto-boosting feature enables MemoryUp Pro to be hidden to run in the background and automatically help reclaim wasted memory on your BlackBerry. It guards the allocation of memory resources through its unique cache management technique. By using MemoryUp Pro, you don't need to know anything about your BlackBerry system; MemoryUp Pro will supply all the technical know-how.
  • + BlackBerry crash protection
  • The majority of BlackBerry crashes come when system resources are low. MemoryUp Pro warns you when you reach a critical point, allowing you to close programs safely before your BlackBerry becomes unstable.
  • + And There is More..
  • Other features include Warning/Auto-recovering RAM at your preset threshold, Startup boost (when MemoryUp Pro is launched), advanced boosting features (Force system to use large cache, Prohibit kernel to disk swapping, Auto-allocate critical threads, etc.) for professional BlackBerry users, and multiple language support (English, German, Italian and Spanish).

Minimum Requirements:
  • Full support for BlackBerry OS 3.X & 4.X

Display Dimensions

    160 x 160, 240 x 160, 240 x 240, 240 x 260, 240 x 320, 320 x 240, 480 x 360, 480x320

Operating System

    3.x, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7

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