Bplay sale tempts potentially productive students with BlackBerry themes and games, Sep 04


Well, the school year’s barely started, and Bplay has already clenched their vicelike grip on the woefully short attention spans of the world’s BlackBerry-toting student populace. Absolutely every item they’ve got in store has had its prices cut substantially. Who knows how long the savings will stick around, so better get hopping. Not sure what to get? Here are our top five picks for themes and games. Be sure to check out their ringtone gallery, too!


  • Texas Hold ‘Em King 3 - $9.99 $4.99
  • Worms 2007 - $9.99 $6.99
  • Chuzzle - $9.99 $6.99
  • Guitar Hero Mobile - $9.99 $6.99
  • Bookworm - $9.99 $6.99

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Our picks for BlackBerry themes behind the jump…

Bold Delays and JavaScript Dismays (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 39), Aug 29

Simon’s final podcast goes over some of the trickier problems with the BlackBerry Bold’s browser, what the touchscreen BlackBerry will actually be called and new light on Rogers’ Kickstart.

Top 5 Back-to-School Applications for BlackBerry, Aug 28

Time to get ready to hit the classrooms once more! Here are a few handy apps that will make the upcoming school year just a little bit easier.

BlackBerry Cool heads to San Francisco for CTIA, Sep 05

BlackBerry Cool is so excited for CTIA to start that we couldn’t wait until next Wednesday - we had to leave right away!
Of course, that means posts will be up a little late today (right now we’re Bold Blogging this while we wait for our flight to take off), and that posts next week will be on West Coast time. We’ll have posts up later today, however, as we sit in Toronto with a 5 hour layover (!).

If any San Fran members of the BlackBerry Nation want to meet up, just drop us an email!

Get out of school debt-free with BlackBerry, Sep 04

Graduate with BlackBerry

RIM is kicking off the back-to-school season in a language that all students can understand: money. Enter to win one of 20 $1,0000 prizes, one of three $10,000 prizes and a shot at the big mamma-jamma $50,000 grand prize. A pretty sweet deal for putting your name in a hat. Go ahead and check out the contest site for more info and conditions. On top of that, the Trade-Up program is generously offering an extra $50 to students who upgrade their BlackBerry and use the coupon code “graduate”. If you’re looking to kit out a fresh BlackBerry you just bought for school, you might want to check out our top five picks for student applications. And hey, while you’re while you’re cruising for handouts, why not sign up to win a car, too?

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Peek bringing mobile e-mail back to basics, Sep 04

Peek with BlackBerry Curve

Remember the days when the BlackBerry was just an e-mail pager? No phone, no GPS, no Wi-Fi, no camera, just straight-up e-mail? Things have gotten a little more complicated since then, but Peek is trying to whittle things down to the single most important service our BlackBerry provides. Seeing an e-mail-only handset with a modern layout certainly makes us BlackBerry enthusiasts wonder if we’ve strayed too far from the core functionality, or if we even need all those other bells and whistles. Sure, I’ve been plenty happy to have some of the navigation features on my BlackBerry Bold, but Scott, who managed to get a first glance at the Peek, made one very good point.

“When I talk to less technology savvy people, their number one complaint is that most products nowadays do too much. Many of them just want something that can make a phone call, or a camera that just makes photos without trying to be too cocky.”

What do you guys think? Is the BlackBerry getting too cocky? Is its complexity overwhelming the average consumer? If you’re looking for something more simple, Peek should be due out in two weeks for $99.99 at Target, and cost $19.99/month for unlimited e-mail.

(Gadling via Engadget)

Indonesia, France and Luxembourg all announce the BlackBerry Bold, Sep 04

BlackBerry Bold

Sorry Americans, I know this stuff just makes you rip out even more clumps of hair, but the world must know that Indosat, Celcom, Bouygues, and TELE2TANGO all plan on packing the BlackBerry 9000. It might actually be a bit of a relief, as many won’t have the Bold available until mid- to late- September, which is the rumoured AT&T release date. You won’t be alone guys, just hang in there. Here are the details…

  • Indosat (Indonesia): Looking to be available around late September for Rp 8.888. Also confirms upcoming 16 GB microSDHC memory cards.
  • Celcom (Malaysia): The RM2,499 pricetag might be a hint at what Maxis will be offering the Bold for; due to land the third week of September.
  • Bouygues (France): Due mid-September, 199€ on an enterprise plan, offering a sweet 17€ unlimited everything plan.
  • TELE2TANGO (Luxembourg): Available September 9th., 390€ without subscription and from 109€ with data plan. Looks like their first ‘Berry. Grats!

(via RIM)

BlackBerry Bold to come to Mexico, Sep 04


The next in a growing list of BlackBerry 9000 launches comes from Mexico’s Telcel. There’s not much showing up on their site, so no solid details on pricing, but that seems to be a common trend across plenty of carriers bringing out the Bold. Of course, we’re still waiting for AT&T to throw Americans a bone, but the latest rumours are pointing to a mid-September to early October release date. If we have any Mexican readers out there, feel free to leave a comment with any more info from your neck of the woods.

Thanks Daniel!

(via Milenio)

Video of the launch and Spanish interview with Felix Audirac, Technical Account Manager for Mexico, (including some talk about Boy Genius) behind the jump…

BIS customers now getting instant IMAP e-mail, Sep 04

MailboxA quiet BlackBerry Internet Service upgrade has been rolled out that according to many is resulting in much quicker e-mail delivery over IMAP. Traditionally, only those on BlackBerry Enterprise Server would get their e-mail pushed to their handset instantly, and BIS users had to wait 10-15 minutes for delivery. Now anyone getting their BIS e-mail via servers that support IMAP IDLE will receive messages in real-time as the standard was designed to provide. It’s great to see the upgrade, especially for BIS users who have had less-than-stellar delivery times, but you have to wonder why it took so long for IMAP IDLE to be supported.

(via BlackBerry News)

BlackBerry Business selling pre-release AT&T BlackBerry Bolds, Sep 03

AT&T BlackBerry Bold for SaleWe’ve written quite a few posts today and in recent weeks pointing out that AT&T still hasn’t released the BlackBerry Bold, while most international carriers have beaten them to the punch. We like doing this — maybe out of friendly U.S./Canada sibling rivalry, maybe because we’re just not nice people.

However, we feel for the American members of the BlackBerry Nation, and we’re looking to help them out. A BBCool reader has tipped us off that the New York BlackBerry Center is selling AT&T BlackBerry Bolds a little sooner than they should. While anyone in the NYC area can swing by the Time and Life Building on 6th Ave. and West 50th to pick one up, the New York BlackBerry Center also has them available for sale at their website BlackBerryBusiness.com. The damage? USD $1,500!! But hey, pre-release BlackBerrys don’t come cheap.

If any of our NY readers can swing by the New York BlackBerry Center to snap a picture, we’d be much obliged.

Movistar announces BlackBerry Bold launch in Venezuela, Sep 03

venequalan flag

Fresh off the tip line comes yet another country not named America to launch the BlackBerry Bold. We’ve been told that Movistar Venezuela has officially launched the BlackBerry Bold for enterprise customers, with availability for the general populace to come next week, around the time that many hope the AT&T version will make an appearance.

Movistar will be offering the BlackBerry Bold for BsF 1,999 or USD 928. Our friends over at zonablackberry.com.vehave a press release available (if you speak Spanish), as well as pictures from Movistar’s recent BlackBerry Bold launch event.

Thanks for the tip Master Chief!

Click here to read the Ultimate BlackBerry Bold Review (with full device specs)

BlackBerry Javelin to feature OS 4.7, fix Javascript issues, Sep 03

BlackBerry Javelin 8900

I know that many of you in the BlackBerry Nation have just gotten your hands on OS 4.5, and unless you’re packing a BlackBerry Bold (like us), haven’t even seen OS 4.6 yet. But the time has come to start talking about OS 4.7, which we’ve heard will make its debut with the BlackBerry Javelin, otherwise known as the BlackBerry 8900.

While we haven’t heard much about the incremental updates OS 4.7 will feature over the current BlackBerry Bold OS, we do know that it will feature an update to the BlackBerry Browser which should fix the Javascript issues which currently plague the BlackBerry Bold. This news falls in line with earlier reports that with the 4.6 version of the BlackBerry Browser, RIM had focused on stability over speed, and would be looking to optimize performance in future versions.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground in the hopes of telling you more about OS 4.7. For now, check out all known BlackBerry Javelin specs and a list of related articles after the jump.

Click here to view BlackBerry Javelin specifications

Mobile Social Networks to generate $410M by 2013, Sep 03

Facebook on your BlackBerry

Considering that RIM has pimped out their Facebook application across all carriers in North America, it’s likely that you’ve accessed a social network via your BlackBerry (although we prefer m.linkedin.com, and are patiently waiting for a native BlackBerry app). Analyst ABI Research speculated earlier this week that by 2013, there will be more than 140 million mobile social network subscribers worldwide, and generating subscription revenues in excess of $410 million. To put these numbers in perspective, that’s more than the current worldwide unique visitor numbers of either MySpace or Facebook, which hover somewhere around 115 million.

The question to be asked is where all that money will come from — both MySpace and Facebook currently have mobile web-accessible versions of their sites, and the aforementioned BlackBerry Facebook app costs you nothing but time and data. ABI Research speculates that the revenue come not via advertising, but through a subscription model for social network access, likely in the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

Here’s a question (or two): how much would you pay to use a BlackBerry Facebook app per month? How much for a LinkedIn app?

(via CN)

BlackBerry Bold launches in Malaysia, still not available in the U.S., Sep 03

Maxis BlackBerry Bold Release Promotion

Joining the growing number of countries that will receive the smartphone before RIM’s largest market, Maxis announced the release of the BlackBerry Bold in Malaysia yesterday. It now seems like every country other than the United States has the BlackBerry Bold — maybe they missed some sort of giveaway at the recent Olympic Games in China.

While Maxis doesn’t have firm pricing details on their website, expect it to be upwards of RM2,000 (they are currently offering the BlackBerry 8820 for RM2,500 and the BlackBerry 8310 for RM2,000).

Click here to read the ultimate BlackBerry Bold Review (with full device specs)

(via RIM)

Win a 2009 Lincoln MKS from WinWithBlackBerry.com!!, Sep 03

2009 Lincoln MKS Contest Banner

No, this isn’t the latest BlackBerry Cool Weekly Contest giveaway (we wish). Cruising around BlackBerry.com this morning, I discovered that Ford and RIM have teamed up to offer a 2009 Lincoln MKS as part of their ongoing WinWithBlackBerry.com promotion! The Lincoln MKS of course can sync with your BlackBerry, allowing you to do hands-free calling and other cool things.

RIM and Ford are also giving away 10 BlackBerrys (most likely Bolds), so go now! Registration was quick and easy. Although, if we win, what are we going to do with the current BlackBerry Coolmobile?

Click here to register to win a 2009 Lincoln MKS!

TaskMaster on sale for big discount, Sep 02


TaskMaster, a juiced version of the integrated BlackBerry Tasks app, has slashed its price from $29.99 to $9.99 until September 12th. - a crazy discount no matter what software you’re looking at buying. One-click category switching, Outlook synchronization, and task creation by hotkey. Although this might seem like it replaces the BlackBerry Tasks app, it actually syncs up with it. NextAction! integration is also available, so you’ll always know what you’re supposed to be working on. Interested? Check out TaskMaster!

BlackBerry 8320 coming to AT&T in new blue hue, Sep 02

AT&T BlackBerry 8320

We’re still crossing our fingers for a September 12th. BlackBerry Bold launch on AT&T, but if you aren’t holding your breath for it, the Wi-Fi BlackBerry Curve (8320) is aiming for a late September launch, which will finally complete AT&T’s Wi-Fi BlackBerry lineup. Included will be OS 4.5 (also due to hit BlackBerry 8120, BlackBerry 8820, BlackBerry 8310, and BlackBerry 8300), along with all of the associated goodies like e-mail search, free/busy lookup, Documents to Go… Of course, Wi-Fi in and of itself will offer access to AT&T’s some 17,000 hotspots across the U.S., which ain’t nothing to sneeze at, and it’ll be supporting AT&T’s Push-to-Talk service. While no pricing was mentioned, you can expect this one in the $100-range (like the 8310) and coming in a dashing new sapphire blue paint job.

Rove Mobile announces Mobile Admin 4.1 release on September 16th, Sep 02

rove mobile admin 4.1 update promo

If your company is serious about utilizing mobility to enhance productivity, you’re already familiar with Rove Mobile, whose products have garnered significant acclaim in the BlackBerry space (most notably ours). Today Rove announced an update to their flagship product, Mobile Admin 4.0, which allows IT Administrator the ability to manage their systems remotely.

Feature Highlights of Mobile Admin 4.1

SSH and Telnet Integration:
Create secure SSH and Telnet connections to manage a wide range of network systems and devices, including UNIX, Linux and AS/400 servers.

RDP and VNC Integration:
Create secure remote connections to Windows servers and graphically administrate your server and desktop applications.

Shortcuts to Common Tasks:
Catalog and access frequently used network administration tasks.

Mobile Admin 4.1 launches on September 16th. Existing Mobile Admin customers will be able to download the update from Rove’s website free of charge with a valid maintenance contract.

Click here for a full Mobile Admin 4.1 FAQ

Free ringtones available from BlackBerry mobile site, Sep 02

Free BlackBerry Ringtones

A bunch of new free ringtones for BlackBerry popped up on mobile.blackberry.com which kind of look like they didn’t make the final cut to be prepackaged with the BlackBerry Bold, as they’re sporting the familiar Inspired and Pro series names. They’re all the high quality you’d expect right from RIM, and worth nabbing real quick if you’re looking for a taste of the Bold on another device.

(via BerryReview)

Hit the jump for direct download links to the free BlackBerry ringtones!

BlackBerry Bold comes to Brazil, Sep 02

BlackBerry 9000 from Claro

It’s been confirmed that Brazilian carrier Claro is now offering the BlackBerry Bold in all of its 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, crystal-clear-screeny goodness, although it’s apparently not showing up in their online store. We had heard of Claro bringing the BlackBerry 9000 to Chile around this timeframe, so maybe some Chileans out there can let us know if they got it too. Head on over to Claro’s site to find the retailer closest to you and see if they have it in stock.

Thanks Luciano!

(via BlackBerry World BR)

New Rogers data pricing brings hope for sanity in Canadian wireless fees, Sep 02

Rogers Wireless Logo

There are whispers that Rogers will be revamping their data costs as of October 1 for the better.

  • $15 - 2 MB
  • $25 - 500 MB
  • $30 - 1 GB
  • $60 - 3 GB
  • $80 - 8 GB

      While those might not add up much to the $30 for 6 GB promo plan that was going in August (looks like it’s going to be extended through September), there are a few more things that make these new data rates way more appealing. First off, the first three months of data usage will be free, allowing subscribers to figure out which plan suits them best. Second, users will now get SMS alerts when they approach their limit so they won’t get dinged with heavy-duty overage charges. Thirdly, even if you happen to go over on data, those costs will capped at $100. This is awesome news for those of us who happen to be a little zealous with our mobile browsing, and makes tethering a much more realistic option. Telus and Bell will really have to step up to the plate in order to compete with a plan this appealing… Maybe their supposed HSPA partnership will bring something juicy to customers, like, say, the BlackBerry Bold.

      (via BlackBerry News)

BlackBerry Javelin meets up with Bold and Kickstart, Sep 02

BlackBerry Javelin, BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Kickstart

It looks like the BlackBerry 8900 is really making the rounds these days, as separate sources have been able to provide some side-by-side shots of the upcoming Javelin against the BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, and the BlackBerry Kickstart Pearl 8220. This is the first time that we’ve seen all three of RIM’s next-gen devices in one spot together, and I think will be a good indicator of what the BlackBerry web page will look like in the next couple of months. When the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder Storm 9500 gets thrown into the mix, we’ll have four new classes total, but as is, these three will be replacing the old Pearl, Curve and 8800 lineups. What do you guys think? Are these three an honest evolution to RIM’s existing strategy? How well will the BlackBerry 9500 fit in?

The BlackBerry 8220 will be RIM’s first flip device, and will be due on Rogers for around $150 on a three-year plan (no word on T-Mobile’s pricing) sometime this September, while the BlackBerry Javelin (8900) should be coming a little bit later, around November or December. It doesn’t have the 3G that the Bold does, but will have a nicer camera, a slimmer profile and a screen that’s just as nice. If you can’t wait for the Kickstart, there’s one up on Ebay now…

(via CB, HowardForums)

Check behind the jump for BlackBerry Javelin versus the BlackBerry Curve, the Kickstart against the Bold and the World Edition, and purported device specs…

BlackBerry Cool enjoys Labor Day, you should too, Sep 01

Gone fishin

Ah, Labor Day: in which we pay homage to the day pilgrims of ancient times gathered together to celebrate the long weekend. Not ones to turn down an excuse to hit the cottage, the BlackBerry Cool staff has ventured off to enjoy the death of August and birth of September, so expect infrequent posting, unless a new BlackBerry is born today too.

However, if Labor Day means purging your inbox while surfing the Internet for the latest in BlackBerry news, why don’t you sit back and enjoy BBCool Simon’s last podcast, while you help us figure out what is going on with the BlackBerry Bold’s web browser. Perhaps you’d also like to invest in some back-to-school BlackBerry applications for the little one.

Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone!

Bold Delays and JavaScript Dismays (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 39), Aug 29

The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 39

A bit of a slower week newswise, though still plenty of interesting Bold-related stuff, including upcoming AT&T availability, OS 4.6 browser speeds, as well as some fresh pricing info on the BlackBerry 8220 and some more confusion on the BlackBerry 9500’s naming scheme. This is Simon’s last podcast on BBCool, so you better soak it all in.

Click here to listen to the BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 39

More BlackBerry Bold Browser Speed Trials Raise Questions, Problems, Aug 29

Iphone 3G BlackBerry Bold Wifi Browsing Chart

While BlackBerry Cool was the first website on the Internet to bring you competent speed testing of the BlackBerry Bold and iPhone 3G web browsers, it seems as though our initial tests were not as definitive as we would have liked them to be. This past week, we have been working with Kevin from CrackBerry.com, who has been trapped in BlackBerry purgatory trying to get any sort of positive browsing experience. While we suggest you read his two long and passionate posts on the subject (which describe crackberry addiction better than anything else on the Internet), here are the problems in a nutshell:

- The BlackBery Bold from Rogers has some serious issues when you attempt to enable Javascript support while browsing the web over 3G.
- There has to be some sort of issue with the Bold and WiFi/HotSpot Browser that pops up under specific circumstances. I don’t know what is yet, but I’m sure there’s something up.

While we were initially surprised to hear that Kevin had been having such problems, because we had not encountered them at all in our testing. However, out of BlackBerry unity, we agreed to give him some help and adopt his testing methodology. Once we did, it became clear that we were facing (some, but not all of) the same problems as Kevin. Which means that something is going on with the BlackBerry Browser.

Click here to read more about BlackBerry Cool’s BlackBerry Bold Browser testing

Bounty out for location-based profiles app, Aug 29

BountyVarious Nokia handset enjoy a little function that automatically changes the calling profile (vibrate, quiet, etc.) based on your GPS location and the time, which fellow blogger Gordon Dewis would love to see on his BlackBerry Curve so much that he’s putting $50 out there for anyone willing to cook the app up. Personally, I think anyone who made something like this could make a hell of a lot more than $50 after putting it up on Handango and MobiHand… Some of the features needed include…

1. the last-known location as determined from the GPS using proximity to a waypoint (eg: “when I am within 200m of this location, use the Quiet profile?).
2. GSM cell ID (eg: “when I am ‘here’, use the Loud profile?).
3. time of day/day of week ranges (eg: weekdays between 0900 and 1700, use the Normal profile).

This sounds like a great project for any budding coders, or even more established ones looking for a quick distraction. Of course, there may be some difficulties in automating the profile-changing process that I might not know about. Any devs out there think this app is doable? Anyone else who would like to see this come to life can chip into the bounty via Paypal (paypal AT dewis DOT ca with “BlackBerry bounty” in the comments).

(via Gordon Dewis)

New (old) themes for the BlackBerry Bold, Aug 29

L and Today themes on the BlackBerry Bold

Yeah, that new bottom-bar Precision Zen theme is pretty slick, but some of us are still plenty happy with the oldies, like Today and the slightly-newer L theme. Well, it looks like someone over at Howard Forums has managed to hack in the old styles onto the Bold, and they look alright! Of course we’ll have to wait until the official Theme Developer Kit for OS 4.6 comes out before we can see some stuff that really takes advantage of the Bold’s screen and processor. The Plazmic CDK for 4.5 was just released late last month, so it might take awhile before we start seeing some proper shiny new themes, but this does get us day-dreaming about what’s next.

Thanks Nu!

(via HowardForums)

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