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Ascendo Fitness


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Added: 12/08/2006
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The most comprehensive Fitness assistant available! Winner of the Orange Java Challenge, finalist for the Handango Champions Award. Record daily entries, graphs, US/metric. Despite a growing number of fitness products, one simple fact remains. To stay fit you need to manage your diet and exercise. Ascendo Fitness allows you to take control of your health by helping you track the calories in the foods you eat and the calories you burn while exercising. Ascendo Fitness also provides many tools and assistants to help you set and achieve your goals. Benefits - Ascendo Fitness gives you the tools to succeed. You set goals that make sense for your special situation and Ascendo Fitness helps you track your progress. - Ascendo Fitness is mobile just like you are. Because you take it with you everywhere you go, you can track your diet and activity when it happens, where it happens. - Ascendo Fitness is complementary to exiting health products and plans. You can choose the strategy that best fits you and use Ascendo Fitness to accomplish your objectives. A nutrition database contains the most common foods and beverages based on data from the US Dept of Agriculture. Nutrition database extended to include fast food types like KFC, Subways, McDonald’s, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, etc.NEW An activity database contains the most frequent exercises based on research by the Journal of Sports Medicine. Activity databases extended to include activities like Lawn Mowing and Shoveling snow.NEW Create and edit daily entries for Nutrition and Activities that allow you to keep track of calorie intake and calories being burned. Add, Edit & Delete nutrition and activity types. Create new types like complete meals, workouts or BMR to save entry time.NEW Delete entries by date for easier maintenance. NEW Track weight over time and record notes. Full international support by allowing you to set default measurements to US or metric.

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