Mobi Products P7 Pouch Case for 7100i, 7100g, 7105t
by  Mobi Products
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Compatible Devices: 7100i, 7100g, 7105t (more)
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The P7 Pouch Case from Smartphone Experts, with its large magnetic flap, sturdy leather clip and softer white-stitched look, is the perfect for choice carrying your device.

The case is designed to perfectly fit the contour of smartphone, and features horizontal loading for easy access with dual magnetic closure to keep your device secure. You can load the device either way (screen facing in our out), and the headphone jack is easily accessibly.

he large leather belt clip is fixed on the back of the case, so the case will protrude very little from your body.

It's new white interior and stitching give it a softer look.

  • Horizontal loading for easy access
  • Secure Magnetic closure
  • Strong Leather belt clip easily attaches to belt or bag

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