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*The quintessential source of knowledge for all things strategic...*

The Art of War is the Swiss army knife of strategy - you have a tool for every situation. Folded into this small package are compact views on resourcefulness, momentum, profit motive, flexibility, integrity, secrecy, speed, positioning, surprise, responsibility, and practicality.

Sun Tzu has created a timeless piece of history written for future. "The Art of War" has been a required reading at most military academies around the world and army generals widely applied it during the World Wars. Since around 1960, many business strategists have felt the same way, seeing Sun Tzu's discussion of war as a metaphor for business competition.

The best business movie of all times, Oliver Stone's 'Wall Street' cites it as a guide for those who strive for success in competitive markets. Today, 'The Art of War' is a required reading at most American and International business schools.

The book is tight, with crisp language and short sections. The passages are the pinnacle of succinct clarity: "All warfare is based on deception" or "Invincibility is in oneself, vulnerability is in the opponent." Sun-tzu's maxims are widely applicable beyond the military and into business, as well as politics because they speak directly to the exigencies of survival.

Presenting not just the bare text, but also history and notes, this full package contains:

* Introduction including The Art of War Details, Introduction to the Book, Commentators and Appreciations of Sun Tzu.
* Sun Wu and his Book, including Passages, Table of Dates, and Legend of Sun Tzu. And finally,
* The Art of War

Wether your competition is on the battlefield or in the marketplace, you cannot miss The Art of War ebook.

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