iotum Talk Now for the Blackberry® v1.0
by  iotum
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Tired of playing phone-tag in order to get in touch with others and have them get in touch with you? Try iotum Talk-Now

SHARE your availability,
SEE who is currently available to talk with you,
BE NOTIFIED when someone you're trying to get in touch with becomes available.

iotum Talk-Now uses your BlackBerry calendar, presence and other sources of information, along with your preferences, in order to define your personalized availability.

Best of all, it's free.

  • SHARE your availability without losing control -- iotum Talk-Now allows you to personalize your availability. While you are in meeting, Jane might see you as available, while John sees you as unavailable and Nichol sees that you are "in a meeting". Your availability is defined by your own preferences and our rich presence information. You can elevate your contacts to VIP's, block them... You are always in control.
  • SEE who is available -- You'll immediately be able to see at a glance, which of your contacts are available to talk with you, right now. No need to call someone, just to ask if they have time to talk or if you are interrupting them. With iotum Talk-Now you can also see who is trying to reach you.
  • BE NOTIFIED / FIND THE TIME -- You've just added a contact to your iotum Talk-Now list and see that they are currently unavailable. No worry. iotum Talk-Now will notify you as soon as they become available or send them a notification that you are trying to reach them, suggesting times that you might be available to talk with them. Let iotum Talk-Now work for you !

Minimum Requirements:
  • Requirements
  • 1. Blackberry OS 4.1 or greater
  • 2. This service will impact the usage of your data plan
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