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Mundu IM for Blackberry v4.0.3 by Geodesic Information Systems Ltd
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mundu Interoperable Messenger(IM) V4 - a revolutionary instant messaging technology for Blackberry devices.With mundu IM V4, your entire community of online contacts will be accessible to you through AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, Gtalk & Jabber IM services. You can carry out a host of real-time, important activities such as photo sharing, file transfer and cross-conferencing across services all with a single user-friendly UI. You can keep a record of your chats and also chat in multiple (international) languages.

  • Interoperability between all popular public IM services:: mundu IM V4 makes all your contacts from Yahoo, ICQ, AIM , MSN, Gtalk & Jabber available to you under a single interface.
  • Cross Conferencing:: Invite friends, colleagues or clients across AOL, Yahoo and MSN to conference within a single chat window.
  • Photo Sharing:: Share photos taken from your camera phone with friends and colleagues.
  • File Transfer:: Transfer files from your mobile device to friends and colleagues.
  • Email Notifications:: Receive email notifications for your Yahoo, MSN or Google Talk accounts on the move.
  • Smart Group Management:: Manage your groups for each IM service and simplify your chatting experience.
  • Multi-lingual Chat:: Chat with your contacts in European languages.
  • Expressive Chat :: Customize the color and style of your chat text and have the option to set customizable presence status across IM services.
  • Background Mode Support:: Stay connected on IM while you are on the phone or accessing other phone functions.
  • Message Archiving and Chat History:: Save your important chat conversations and view them later.

Minimum Requirements:
  • A Blackberry phone.
  • Internet connection: Common methods of connecting to the internet include built-in wireless modems, Palm Dial-up modem, IR/Bluetooth connection to mobile phone, WiFi connection, GPRS.
  • At least one public Instant Messaging Account (MSN / AIM / ICQ / Yahoo/ Gtalk/ Jabber)

Display Dimensions

    240 x 160, 240 x 240, 240 x 260, 240 x 320, 320 x 240, 480 x 360

Operating System

    4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.7

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