IM+ for Lotus Sametime, BlackBerry v2.3.4
by  SHAPE Services
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IM+ for Lotus Sametime is an instant messaging and integrated presence application for IBM"s Lotus Sametime available for most popular mobile platforms: BlackBerry RIM, Windows Mobile, Symbian.
With IM+ for Lotus Sametime you can communicate from mobile devices as easy as you do with desktop clients. As a native desktop application from IBM, in adition to Lotus Sametime messenger, IM+ supports connection to public AOL network.
IM+ for Lotus Sametime includes advanced features that make it ideal for both enterprise and individual use.
IM+ for Lotus Sametime is a secure solution for mobile instant messaging. Special gateway can be installed within company's network.
Get in touch with colleagues and clients even faster then with desktop software.

For individuals who want to connect to their corporate server from mobile device, IM+ for Lotus Sametime is provided as a stand-alone wireless messaging product.
No cost per message, only standard payment for wireless data transfer.

Buying IM+ for Lotus Sametime you get full and non-limited licence for using this software on your BlackBerry device.

  • Sametime Instant Messaging.
  • AOL Instant Messaging.
  • Simultaneous connection to Sametime and AOL.
  • Install server in your network and exchange messages securely between mobile phones and your corporate network.
  • Reduce cost of employees communications - cents for a time, thousands per year.
  • Simple installaiton and no needs in additional administration.
  • Encrypted communication in Sametime.
  • Full presence status support.
  • Storage of Contact List information on respective servers.
  • Groups in Contact List.
  • Contact List management functions, including facilities to add a new contact to particular group, to delete a contact and to change nick of a contact.
  • Alert setting management.
  • Smileys (emoticons).
  • Authorization for presence status subscription.
  • Support of all European character encodings in messages.
  • And no cost per message, only standard payment for wireless data transfer!

Minimum Requirements:
  • Internet connection
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