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Weight Tracker v1.1 by EzMobiGo
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Tracking your weight everyday can help you stay away from obesity. With EzMobiGo's Weight Tracker, you can keep track of your body weight status anytime, anywhere. Are you on a diet and working out to lose your weight? If you need to watch your weight, EzMobiGo's Weight Tracker can work with you to stay in shape.

  • Log your weight with the choice of standard or metric system of measurement.
  • Review the progress on your weight training with a weekly or monthly graphic chart (Lbs or Kgs).
  • Review all your stored weight records on a detailed weekly or monthly list (Lbs or Kgs).
  • Calculate your BMI(Body Mass Index) and show you the result of your current body weight status.
  • Ideal Body Weight - provide you an ideal body weight range based on your gender and height.
  • Suggested Daily Calorie Intake - calculate your daily calorie intake based on your gender, age, height and weight.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Requires Blackberry OS v4.1 or later.

Display Dimensions

    240 x 160, 240 x 240, 240 x 260, 320 x 240, 480x320

Operating System

    4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7

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