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Pocket Informant v1.02 by Web Information Solutions, Inc.
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Overview Compatible Devices
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Pocket Informant is The Next Generation in Personal Daily Management, but we don't just say that; we prove it. Pocket Informant is the only full featured Personal Information Manager for the BlackBerry that provides an Agenda, Day, Week, and Month Views alongside powerful Task and Contact views. Journal your appointments, tasks, or contacts to store more detailed notes about each encounter or for time billing purposes. Assign category colors and icons so you can more easily see your appointments, tasks and contacts and see what you're doing this month. The BlackBerry is the pinnacle of mobile productivity and we focus on that with Pocket Informant for the Blackberry!

  • ----General----
  • NEW! New month view mode (single week)
  • NEW! Alarms configuration moved to profile editing
  • NEW! New trial mode (time trial)
  • NEW! Timebars added to Month View
  • NEW! Support for new devices added (Pearl Flip, Bold, Storm)
  • NEW! Performance improvements (especially startup time and Month View navigation)
  • NEW! Local sync stability improved (may require Clearing Databases First: Connect your blackberry to the RIM desktop manager, press Backup / Restore, then Advanced. On the device side, select the PI.Calendar or PI.Events and Clear.)
  • NEW! Support for new devices added (Pearl Flip, Bold, Storm)
  • NEW! Relative task alarms (minutes before start) support added (for sync with local BB Tasks)
  • NEW! "Mark Completed" option added to task alarms
  • NEW! And a lot of small changes, like more intuitive navigation between views, more appropriate default dates on new events/tasks, etc.
  • Supports BlackBerry OS 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7 including the BlackBerry Bold
  • Registration Key is not locked to your PIM or device. We trust you.
  • Three trial modes - 15 Day trial, Full Read-only Sync, and a limit of 10 Appointments, 10 Tasks, and 100 Contacts.
  • Configurable categories with customizable colors/icons, contacts/events/tasks are assignable to none/one/several categories, color/icon coding of categories in all views
  • All items support creating journal entries for them
  • Pocket Informant for BlackBerry can either show alarms itself or delegate this task to the local BlackBerry PIM. If it does it itself additionally to the standard PIM options we have configurable Snooze times.
  • Pocket Informant for BlackBerry can work as a stand alone application and can sync PIM data from the standard BB PIM (contacts/events/tasks sync can be configured individually and performed either automatically or manually)
  • All main UI colors are configurable. This includes current/weekend/weekday colors, header colors, normal/low/high task priority colors etc.
  • ----Calendar Events----
  • Four views: day (two types: classic and simple), week, month and agenda
  • Common features: Possibility to show tasks, move events/tasks right from the list view, go to today/date menu commands
  • Day View (Classic): Configurable time scale, configurable all-day/tasks event area
  • Week View: Scrolling by week or by day, showing 5/7 days week
  • Month View: Displaying events summary in the calendar, detailed view of the selected day (configurable area), optional ability to navigate events of the currently selected day
  • Agenda View: Displays configurable number of days, optional headers for empty days
  • ----Tasks----
  • Three views: simple list, tree grouped by status, tree grouped by category
  • All support quick search filtering (optional)
  • moving tasks to a different date
  • Completing tasks
  • Additional filtering by category/status
  • There is a full support for recurring tasks or events. Additionally for recurring tasks there is an option to configure recurrence rules (new date based on due or completion date) globally or on per-task basis.
  • ----Contacts----
  • One view with quick search filter (optional)
  • Direct calling/SMS/emailing
  • category filtering
  • create event for the contact
  • Viewing/Editing contacts support all standard BB contact fields plus many optional fields which correspond to Outlook contact fields
  • ----Configuration----
  • Configurable Keyboard shortcuts for:
  • -Moving to any view
  • -Creating new items
  • -Moving events/tasks
  • -Going to today/next/previous day/week/month
  • -Configurable Space (scrolling/selecting) and Back (close app, minimize app, go to the previous view) button actions
  • There are many optional menu commands: delete/edit/move event or task etc. which are configurable from a special Options category

Minimum Requirements:
  • BlackBerry Device

Display Dimensions

    240 x 240, 240 x 260, 240 x 320, 320 x 240, 480 x 360, 480x320

Operating System

    4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7

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