BlinkBerry v1.0
by  Green Tech Mobile
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BlinkBerry flashes the LED in customizable color according to the signal strength returned from the phone. There are 6 possible signal strengths from 0 to 5. A signal strength of zero indicates no service.

  • BlinkBerry is customizable to include any combination of the following colors: BLUE, CYAN, GREEN, MAGENTA, RED, WHITE, YELLOW.
  • The flash period and flash duration can be set up to 30 seconds.
  • Once you have BlinkBerry running, simply suspend it and it will run in the background.
  • There is a user configuration menu where many of the parameters can be customized for a look that is truely unique.
  • There is also a LED Flashlight setting so that you can turn the led on and put your blackberry in it's holster.
  • The No Service Steady option is perfect for the road warrior. With this setting turned on, the led illuminates at the color set for no service until you get back into an area of coverage. Just glance at the phone and quickly know if you can make a call.
  • There is also a Fade setting that will let you set how much the led fades as it turns off - 100 % fade makes the led slowly fade out as it turns off, 25 % makes it turn off rapidly.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Version 3.8 firmware or newer, multicolor led.
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