Periodic Table of the Elements v2.2
by  Green Tech Mobile
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This is a MIDP 1.0 Periodic Table. The table iteself is not colored so black and white devices should not have any problem running this app. Navigation is available with the game keys (R=up, F=down, D=left, G=right, spacebar=select). On the 7100 use (2=up, 4=left, 6=right, 8=down, space=select).

  • There are 11 properties of each element available.
  • There is also a molecular weight calculator.
  • In the molecular weight calculator, formulas are entered as emperical formulas due to the limited keyboards on phones.
  • Space bar/fire selects an element, R/up increases the number if the last selected element, F/down decreases the number of the last selected element. You can add or delete in any order.
  • Temperature Converter and sorting.
  • Improved scrolling of period table, expanded fixed point integer library to include multiplication and divistion for temperature conversion calculations.

Minimum Requirements:
  • midp 1.0
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