Fractal Explorer v1.4.2.1
by  Vorino Software Inc.
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A mesmerizing psychedelic experience! Draw an almost infinite variety of beautiful Mandelbrot and Julia set fractal patterns.

  • Easy to use!
  • Progressive image generation and display, for relatively quick previewing (see performance notes below)
  • Zoom and pan
  • At any time you can continue zooming or panning, without waiting for the drawing to finish
  • Zoom in up to 100 times for a huge magnification factor of 3E+15
  • Crosshair to pinpoint zoom location
  • Show/hide crosshair
  • Translucent lower panel to display the current position of the fractal
  • Show/hide position panel
  • Progress bar (with preference setting options)
  • Email coordinates
  • Toggle between Mandelbrot and Julia set fractals
  • Keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation (these are listed in the help screen)
  • Adjust color settings, including Color curve, start color, hue direction, formula iterations
  • Double precision calculations for fine detail at high magnifications
  • Save/load favorites
  • English and French language support
  • Performance Notes: Drawing times for the passes will vary based on zoom level (scale), the current location within the fractal and the Max Iterations value in Preferences. A sample (and realistic) drawing time for an 8700, for example, at the startup position but scale of 6.2557136777327755E-6 is: 9s (pass 1), 29s (pass 1-2), 1:44 (pass 1-3). Drawing times can be faster, or slower. For example, the initial startup position draws the first pass in 4s.

Minimum Requirements:
  • RIM OS 4.1 or higher
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