Multiplayer Championship Backgammon - BlackBerry v1.51
by  Real Dice
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Multiplayer Championship Backgammon features stunning graphics, powerful AI opponents with unique gameplay, multiplayer gaming (with built-in chat) over the Internet, hotseat games, career mode, and much more.

Real Dice brings you another multiplayer breakthrough: the world's first, true cross-platform mobile Backgammon experience. BlackBerry vs. Palm OS vs. Windows Mobile vs. Smartphones vs. Desktops.

A Higher Quality Backgammon

Multiplayer Championship Backgammon is a different class of Backgammon game. The board is beautiful, bringing out the full high resolution power of newer Palm devices. The interface is designed by Backgammon enthusiasts.

The colors are bright, the text easy to read, the interface simple to navigate. You don't need a help manual to figure out what is going on. Just pick up your BlackBerry and play!

Find Friends Online

Choose between a classical wood board or an exotic oriental one. Customize many other elements of the game to suit your style..
Come Online and play against real people. Our AI is great, but nothing beats flesh & blood. Challenge users on BlackBerry, Palm, Pocket PC, Smartphone, and Desktops. The built-in chat makes it easy to congratulate (or taunt) your opponent.

Quick Games, Series & Career Mode

Get right to business with a quick game. Or create multiple characters and start your Backgammon career. Challenge increasingly difficult opponents in money games and series as you wager more and more with each match.

* Multiple, unique AI opponents.
* Quick Games.
* Series matches (Best of 5, 7, 9, 11).
* Play up to 3 simultaneous profiles.
* Build up your bankroll.
* Improve your Rank.

Become A Backgammon Master

Unlock increasingly difficult opponents by advancing through Career mode. Improve your rank by winning more matches. Improve your online rank through online victories and qualify for prizes. Multiplayer Championship Backgammon lets you take on the world, anytime, anywhere.

* Auto-save when exit.
* Online matches.
* Qualify for PRIZES online!

The Real Dice Difference

Real Dice takes care of its customers:

* Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.
* Regular free updates.
* Other fun Real Dice games: Multiplayer Championship Poker -Texas Hold'em, Sudoku Master, Multiplayer Championship Chess, Multiplayer Championship Mahjong

* 24 hour Customer Support response time.
* Other great Real Dice games:

  • Stunning Hi-Resolution graphics, with low-res support
  • Online multiplayer with built-in chat interface
  • Unique AI opponents with strong, individual gameplay
  • Quick Games
  • Career Mode
  • Game Customization

Minimum Requirements:
  • BlackBerry OS 4.0 and greater with 105k to 129k free memory.
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