Multiplayer Championship Mahjong - BlackBerry v1.36
by  Real Dice
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RealDice presents Mahjong for your mobile device like you've never experienced it before. Absolutely stunning graphics, fantastic tile puzzles, extensive Single Player experience (Story mode, Time Trials, Score Challenge) and online Mahjong competitions directly from your device. Mahjong is the fourth installment in the Real Dice Multiplayer Championship Series, the standard in next-generation multiplayer gaming.

A Higher Quality Mahjong

Real Dice is proud to bring Mahjong into its Multiplayer Championship Series of games.

Stunning graphics and beautiful, readable tiles make this the premier mobile Mahjong experience. Receive in-game hints, shuffle the board, pause, customize the background, show legal moves and more.

Stylus-free navigation! Use the optional cursor and play with ONE HAND. Amazing on the Treo.

Online Mahjong Challenge

Tired of playing alone? Come online and challenge real people directly from your device. The Real Dice Universal Gaming System (RUGS) allows you to challenge people from different platforms, anytime, anywhere.

Create a new game using any map, join an existing game or watch others play. In online challenges, both you and your opponent receive the same map and race to get the most points. Your score and your opponents score are both visible and updated in Real Time.

You can communicate before, during or after the game with the built-in chat mechanism. We are currently implementing a ranking system that will let you know where you stand in comparison with other Mahjong players. Look out for this free update for registered users, coming soon!

Mahjong of the Week

Get a new Mahjong puzzle every week for free. See how your puzzle time compares to other users from around the world. The best players are shown directly in the game.

The Real Dice Difference
Real Dice takes care of its customers:

* Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.
* Regular free updates.
* 24 hour Customer Support response time.
* Other fun Real Dice games: Multiplayer Championship Poker, Multiplayer Championship Backgammon, Multiplayer Championship Chess and Sudoku Master.

Story Mode - A Real Single Player Experience

Create a new profile and journey from ancient China to modern times. Each time period contains a unique, challenging puzzle of increasing difficulty. As you advance in Story Mode, you unlock puzzles for Time Trial and Score Challenge modes. Your progress is saved and you can play 3 characters simultaneously.
Story Mode maps:

* Ancient Greece
* Ancient Rome
* Ancient Egypt
* Ancient Israel
* Ancient India
* Inca
* Great Wall of China
* Byzantium
* Arab Civilization
* Renaissance
* Medieval Japan
* The French Revolution
* The Cold War
* Computers
* The Space Age

Time Trials and Score Challenge

Two extra Single Player game modes let you focus on speed or points. In Time Trial, complete the puzzle as quickly as possible. In Score Challenge, the goal is to accumulate the most points. Speed isn't always the key.

  • Stunning Hi-Resolution graphics
  • Single Player Story Mode, Time Trials and Score Challenge
  • Online multiplayer games with built-in chat
  • Loaded with features: hints, shuffles, pausing, multiple saves, etc
  • Regular, free updates
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Minimum Requirements:
  • BlackBerry OS 4.0 and greater with 105k to 129k free memory.
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