Multiplayer Championship Chess - BlackBerry v1.50
by  Real Dice
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Multiplayer Championship Chess is the strongest Chess game ever created for a smart phone or mobile device with an AI rated above Grand Master. Features absolutely stunning graphics and the ability to play (and chat) with real people over the Internet. Loaded with options, a strong Single Player Career Mode, and support for all devices and resolutions. Chess is the third installment in the Real Dice Multiplayer Championship Series, the standard in next-generation multiplayer gaming.


* Grand Master + rated AI, the strongest ever in a smart device
* Stunning Hi-Resolution graphics, with low-res support
* Internet Multiplayer with built-in Chat
* Game options, customization and statistics
* Career Mode
* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Multiplayer Championship Chess

The ultimate Chess for your BlackBerry. Looking for a challenge? Play the game with the strongest rated AI ever released for smart phones.

Beautiful piece sets in stunning High Resolution.

Online Arena

Tired of playing another AI? Enter the Real Dice Arena and challenge real people. Build up your bankroll and improve your rankings through online victories. Play against users from around the world in a true cross-platform battle: Palm vs. Windows Mobile vs. Smartphone vs. Blackberry vs. PC

Chat with your opponent during the game and get notified when they have something to say.

Want to play with someone right next to you? Try a Hotseat game and play with two people on the same device.

Career Mode

In addition to regular quick games, you can start a Chess career. Expand your bankroll as you challenge increasingly difficult opponents over larger stakes.

* Play and save 3 simultaneous characters
* Earn a pass to increasingly difficult games
* Improve your rank through victories

Statistics, Options, and Customization

Keep track of your game play statistics, victories, and defeats.

Control the AI difficulty, swap between different piece sets, play different game views, edit the game speed, log your moves, and more.

  • Grand Master Rated AI
  • Online Multiplayer with Built-in Chat Interface
  • Stunning Hi-Resolution Graphics
  • Loaded with Features
  • Quick Games
  • Career Mode
  • Game Customization
  • Money Back Guarantee

Minimum Requirements:
  • BlackBerry OS 4.0 and greater with 105k to 129k free memory.
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