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Aerize WiFiX Version 2 Gives You Control of What Networks Your Apps Use on Legacy BlackBerry Devices


Aerize WiFix version 2 has just been released for the legacy BlackBerry OSes versions 4.5 and above. WiFiX allows users to bypass your apps’ need to connect through specific protocols giving you much more options for apps that have strict connectivity requirements.
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Free MobileVoIP App Supports A Number of VoIP Services and Countries


BlackBerry users are still waiting on a decent Skype app available for all smartphones and tablet but until then there’s a wide range of VoIP apps you can try in the meantime. MobileVoIP is a free app in App World that’s definitely worth checking out. The app supports a wide variety of VoIP brands so you need to check the available services and then check the supported country list. You may find a good fit that will save you money on long distance calls.
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BlackBerry Bridge Now Available for AT&T But Users Must Buy Tethering Plan


This was sort of sketchy wasn’t it? RIM made the announcement that BlackBerry Bridge is available to AT&T customers but put a note about the requirement of a tethering plan in tiny letters at the bottom of their post. The note says:

**Note: AT&T users must have a tethering plan included with their wireless service plan to take advantage of the Bridge Browser. To enable tethering on your BlackBerry smartphone, go to att.com/mywireless or dial 611.

It’s this kind of behavior that makes your customers think you’re trying to pull a fast one on them. Sure, customers will figure it out anyways, but to write it in a note at the bottom in your post in tiny print is misleading and it insults your customers’ intelligence. The tethering plan costs an additional $20 per month and it would have been nice for RIM to come clean about this fairly huge issue and not try and treat it like it’s unimportant or try and hide it. Many are commenting on the announcement post, angry about the addition of a tethering plan, and RIM could have avoided this by simply addressing the issue and perhaps offering some form of compensation. It also speaks to the fact that perhaps RIM having its own blog isn’t such a good idea. RIM should also be more upfront about the tether issue because it apparently conflicts with what the CEO told cNET which is that the PlayBook will offer tethering for free.

Ottawa Will Be First City in Canada to Get LTE - Preorder Sierra Rocket Stick


Rogers LTE

Rogers has announced that Ottawa will be the first city in Canada to experience LTE. On top of this, Rogers is starting to take reservations for the first LTE enabled device, Sierra Rocket Stick through the Rogers Reservation System which can be accessed through MyRogers. This system allows you to secure a place “in line” for the device without having to visit a store or call first.

How do you feel about LTE? Do you really need faster speeds on your BlackBerry or laptop? 3G is a really decent connection to get business done, unless you’re streaming HD video. If you’re on the go, you’re probably roaming, in which case you don’t want to be streaming large movie files anyways. There are probably a handful of people who will benefit tremendously from LTE, but it doesn’t seem like the average consumer really needs it.

You can read more about this announcement on the Rogers RedBoard or sign up at IwantmyLTE.ca to be notified when LTE is coming to your area.

RIM Likely to Profit from $11bn 3G License Auction in India


The 3G auction in India raised an astounding $11 billion by selling licenses to major carriers such as Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications and Aircel. Considering the low price of communications in India, $11 billion is even more incredible.

Now that the 3G licenses are in place, these carriers are going to need to sell a lot of 3G enabled devices to start collecting some revenue. BlackBerry have a solid footing in India, and we can expect the company to profit significantly after this auction. Just recently, the Bold 9700 was launched in India and users can also use the Storm2 9550 on the country’s 3G networks. I’m sure we’ll see some of the next generation devices hit India as well to cater to the high-end smartphone buyers.

GSM Data Comparison: EDGE vs 3G vs WiFi


Over the past year, mobile data has become a topic in the mainstream media. The stories are mostly about AT&T’s network growing pains, how iPhone users are overtaxing the networks and are experiencing greatly reduced bandwidth as a result.

Carriers love talking about bandwidth. It seems to be the only thing that matters in terms of mobile data. When the iPhone 3G came out, the dumbed-down line that was used to describe the difference between 2G and 3G in Apple’s marketing was that 3G is “twice as fast”.

I have been trying to make heads or tails of this whole data speed thing for quite some time. I had noticed in more than a few instances that 2G is just as fast, and sometimes faster than 3G. With all this marketing about how much faster 3G is, I set out to do a few tests of my own to determine if 3G is a must-have, or if carriers are trying to oversell the technology as a giant leap when it’s really just an incremental step.
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