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RIM Expands Presence In Nigeria as African Demand for BlackBerry Grows


RIM has recently established an official presence in Nigeria: RIM Nigeria PLC. Nigeria is the 2nd fastest growing mobile market on earth after China and BlackBerry has seen tremendous growth there.
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BlackBerry Curve 9320/9220/9310 Running 7.1 Review


When RIM sent the BlackBerryCool HQ a budget-minded BlackBerry 7 device the BlackBerry Curve 9320, there weren’t a lot of takers. One in particular claiming that going from a Bold 9900 keyboard to a lesser model was simply not in the cards for his pampered thumbs.

I’ve always regarded the BlackBerry Curve line of phones to be the ones that simply work. They’re less buggy than initial releases of other lines of BlackBerry devices and developers seem to have no problem finding the time to make a great build of their app for the Curve series. I was on a BlackBerry 9810 so I do consider this a bit of a downgrade in terms of screen and camera.
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