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Xobni for BlackBerry Updated to Version 2.0


Email app Xobni has released a major update. Since their launch this February, their development team has been working hard to add features and fix bugs. Xobni also listens to customer feedback to build the most finely tuned email app out there.

To upgrade to the latest version, simply go to bb.xobni.com from your BlackBerry or the store from which you’ve downloaded or purchased Xobni.

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Gist Social Address Book Now Available for the Torch


Gist lets you organize your contacts and keep them updated by leveraging the social connections. Gist gives you access to your contacts’ updates with a menu button press, integrating deep into the BlackBerry and giving you a Super App experience. But of course we would expect this considering the company was aquired by RIM.

Details for this version:
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Deal of the Day: Xobni Super Address Book Pro


Do you have a lot of contacts on your BlackBerry? Then Xobni is a must-have app for your BlackBerry. The app takes all of your contacts, makes them easy to search and prioritizes your contacts based on who you contact the most. The app works best when you combine it with the desktop version of Xobni for Windows Outlook. This gives you access to 10x the contacts from your BlackBerry and Outlook. Be sure to check out the store link and read more about all the cool contact management features this app has.

For more information about Xobni, see this store link. The app is currently on sale for $1.49 (25% off).

BIS 3.1 Screenshot Confirms Address Book Sync


Although we’re hearing rumors that BIS 3.1 and 3.2 are coming with Yahoo!, Gmail and Hotmail sync, it’s always good to see some screenshots that confirm. The most recent leaks show some Address Book sync with Yahoo! confirming that we’ll be seeing this in upcoming BIS versions.
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Giveaway: Copy2Contact updates with SMS and calendar support


YouTube link for mobile viewing

Copy2Contact is a simple way to take contact information from emails and store them in your BlackBerry Address Book. In the latest version of the app, you can grab contact and calendar information from SMS, web and search results, and add them directly to your BlackBerry address book and/or calendar. The app will even update existing contacts if a match is found.

The most recent version of Copy2Contact features text recognition that grabs information as a stand-alone client, so you don’t need a wireless signal to grab contacts. Also, since the text recognition can grab info from any source, it can be used in mobile search and directory services like GOOG-411.

Copy2Contact is available on a yearly subscription for $9.95 in the BlackBerry Cool store.

Copy2Contact is also available for $9.99 in App World.

Click through to see a feature comparison with Gwabbit and a download link for 1 of 25 free copies

Add BlackBerry contacts from your email with AddresSave



Our buddy Fabian just put out his latest app, AddresSave, which automatically takes contact info from your email and adds it to your address book.

As you probably know, there are other apps out there that do something similar such as Gwabbit. One thing I like about AddresSave, that isn’t included in Gwabbit, is the option to set a “block” list. With this option, you avoid unnecessary entries.

As this is a new application, it would be interesting to see how well it can sniff out redundancies over a long period of usage.

AddresSave is available for $1.49 until September 4th (normally $2.99).

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