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Sneak peek at WICKSoft version 3.6


Doug and I met up with local Ottawa developer WICKSoft the other day to check out their mobile document access system, and were both duly impressed. If you don’t have the time to check out their flash demos, these guys offer a quick, secure, and easy-to-use document access program for a wide variety of server types. They also showed us the work they’re doing with some big-name partners, so you can expect some fine products plugging in to WICKSoft soon. Version 3.6 will be officially announced at WES (along with those new partnerships we can’t mention yet), featuring some pretty slick additions. We heard about their integration with Novell not too long ago, and it was cool to finally see it in action. It was impressive to see how quick and painless server-side installation went, as well as their full range of security features. Which isn’t to say that WICKSoft suffers on the user side of the equation: essentially, if you work at a company where mobile access to documents is a priority, WICKSoft is for you.

You can expect more coverage of WICKSoft from the ‘Cool at WES (which attendees can see for themselves at booth #731), with a review to follow shortly after. Until then, scope the new deets after the jump.

Check out a list of new features and some quick impressions for WICKSoft 3.6.

BoxTone releases asset management module


Today BoxTone has busted out a new asset management module, which will let BES admins track volume, inventory and security of BlackBerry devices, as well as pinpoint inactive BlackBerrys which are uselessly draining your enterprise’s budget. They’ve got a slew of other modules, including one for help desk personnel. BoxTone is a BES administration system very similar to Zenprise with a few twists. For one, they support Lotus Domino servers in addition to Exchange. Secondly, BoxTone has a core product for which you can buy additional modules that expand the basic functionality, this way BoxTone can be tailored to whatever your BES setup is like.

There’s been some debate over the differences between the Zenprise and BoxTone (mainly revolving around the presence of a web-based interface), but we’re going to be taking a closer look at both real soon just to see what the key selling points are. If you’ve got any experience with either, feel free to drop a comment.

Idokorro changes name to something sensible


Local Ottawa company, Idokorro, have finally come to the grim realization that their name is downright silly, and have announced a change to the considerably sleeker Rove. At least they’ve got a sense of humor about it, eh? For anyone unfamiliar with Rove, they do a whole range of office utility applications for your BlackBerry. Mobile Admin lets you manage your network servers while on the move; Mobile Citrix Client gives you access from your BlackBerry to applications published on your Citrix Presentation Server; Mobile SSH gives you an SSH and Telnet client so you can create terminal sessions on Unix and Linux servers, among others; Mobile File Manager hooks you up with file access on your remote computers and networks; and finally, Mobile Desktop gives you remote access to your computer, be it Windows, Mac, Linux or just about anything else, so you can view the desktop and control the mouse and keyboard from your BlackBerry. For more info, check out their new site at www.rovemobile.com.