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Tennis in the Face: Physics and Ragdoll Fun for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook


10tons Ltd. has announced the release of their hilarious physics/destruction game: Tennis in the Face. Use your tennis racket to take down an evil energy drink company’s unhealthy beverage racket. This game is available on all the major smartphone platforms and 10tons will be bringing a lot more of their titles over to BlackBerry 10. Continue reading ‘Tennis in the Face: Physics and Ragdoll Fun for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook’

IM+ for BlackBerry Playbook Updated


All-in-one messaging client for the BlackBerry Playbook, IM+ has been updated to version 1.3.1. Compatible with nearly every instant messaging system in the world, IM+ allows you to use multiple accounts, even on the same service.
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IM+ for BlackBerry updated to 10.1


Instant Messaging suite IM+ for BlackBerry has been updated. The full-featured Messaging app plugs into all the popular IM clients into a single all-in-one app.

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IMO Launches Multi-Protocol Instant Messaging Client


Imo.im has launched their multi-protocol instant messaging app for BlackBerry. Also available on Android and iPhone, imo is a web-based communications service that enables users to hold text, voice and video chats across multiple instant messaging protocols.

The Beta app currently supports MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, AIM/ICQ, Jabber, MySpace and Hyves with more features being added in the coming weeks. This web-based instant messanging suite supports concurrent sessions so you can be logged in on the desktop and on your phone simultaneously.

Appearing in BlackBerry App World soon, imo is currently available as an over-the-air download.

Meebo Social Network and Chat Integration Service Launches BlackBerry App in Beta


Meebo is a web service that integrates all your social networks and communications in a single portal. Recently, Meebo launched their service in a BlackBerry app that is currently in beta. The app lets you connect and manage your Meebo account while mobile, and chat with friends from a number of different communication networks across the web including AIM, Yahoo!, Google, Facebook and more.

The beta Meebo app is free to download and you can test the beta at meebo.com/blackberry/.

Nimbuzz Updated with Contact Suggestions and Facebook Connect


Nimbuzz has recently been updated to version 1.3 with more ways to discover other Nimbuzz users. Nimbuzz is a free IM app that features quite a few clients such as AIM, Google Talk, MSN, Skype as well as Facebook. New features in 1.3 include:

  • Chat history – so you can continue your chats where you left off.
  • Facebook connect – no more disconnecting errors!
  • See which of your phone contacts are already using Nimbuzz and when they are online
  • Send free SMS text message invites to your phone contacts so they can join Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz’s blog goes into more detail about the Facebook Connect feature and how it improves the app:
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