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What Happened? Only 500 Women Applied to Alicia Keys’ BlackBerry Scholars Program


The BlackBerry Scholars Program is an incredible opportunity for women to get involved in industries that are typically male dominated such as maths and sciences. The program offered a four-year scholarship program for outstanding women around the world that are entering their first year of undergraduate study at an accredited college or university. The potential applicant pool is enormous, so when I heard that only 500+ women actually applied to the program, I was baffled.

Here’s a thought: if you’re looking to attract intelligent, technology-minded women to a scholarship fund for maths and sciences, maybe Alicia Keys wasn’t the most representative leader.
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Alicia Keys Announces BlackBerry Scholars Program to Encourage Women in Tech


A lot of people are asking about Alicia Keys’ role at BlackBerry and at BlackBerry Live 2013, she announced a few projects that she’s working on at the company under Frank Boulben’s leadership. Keys began her keynote talking about how women are central to BlackBerry and she wants to help foster that relationship. She mentioned that women, while they graduate at higher rates then men, have a problem getting into the technology industry at the same rate as men.

The BlackBerry Scholars program is a program to help encourage women to get into the tech industry by providing four year scholarships for women in science and technology programs. She also announced that BlackBerry will be funding creative projects around the world and helping artists to create.

Go to blackberry.com/scholars for more details.

3 Ways You Didn’t Know Alicia Keys Represents the BlackBerry Brand


When Thorsten Heins introduced Alicia Keys, I know a lot of people were pretty confused. Why is RIM hiring someone with no tech experience to be the company’s Creative Director? Well, it’s probably just an advertising move and it’s not like she’s going to be telling engineers how to do their jobs. Regardless, I thought about it for a while and it dawned on me, Alicia Keys is so on brand it’s crazy. Here are 3 ways you didn’t realize Alicia Keys fits the BlackBerry brand.
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