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Happy Thanksgiving from BlackBerryCool.com



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is a great holiday for giving thanks for everything we have in life. If you’re lucky enough to afford a BlackBerry then you’ve got something to be thankful for right? Here at BlackBerryCool we wish you and your loved ones a great holiday.

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BlackBerryCool Roundup: PlayBook, BlackBerry Torch, QNX OS, Conferences and More



We haven’t done a post roundup in a while so here is a giant roundup the size of China. Scan the links, and see if there’s anything you might have missed. I guarantee you that there is a gem in there somewhere that will brighten your weekend.

This roundup has links from two conferences - the BlackBerry Developer Conference and CTIA, as well as all the relevant information about the BlackBerry PlayBook, QNX OS and a ton of apps new to the BlackBerry world. Hit the jump and enjoy!
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Happy Birthday Nan Palmero! We Got You an Easter Egg


Happy Birthday Nan

It’s BlackBerryCool Power User Nan Palmero‘s birthday today and we got him an Easter Egg he doesn’t know about. His friends Bobby Freeman and Vid Luther set up a secret Easter Egg on Nan’s blog that features a hilarious “Nan Loves Unicorns” surprise. Check out the secret Easter Egg on Nan’s blog by heading over to his site, letting it load, and entering the famous Konami code with your keyboard’s arrow keys.


1. Head over to nanpalmero.com
2. Let the site load.
3. Enter the code: up up down down left right left right b a

Enjoy the magic and happy birthday Nan!

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Use QR Codes to Download Apps in the BlackBerryCool Store


blackberry qr codes

QR codes are a great way to download apps. One of the best implementations is downloading from OTA links from your browser without having to manually type it in on your BlackBerry. We wrote about this a while ago and it involves getting a QR code generator for your browser, and scanning the QR code from your device. Amazing isn’t it?

Mobihand has implemented QR codes in the store to easily follow the link to the mobile version of the site where you can download without having to wait for the download link to arrive by email.

Enjoy them in the store! If you’re having issues, make sure to read our full Guide to BlackBerry Barcode reading apps to find an appropriate barcode reader for your device.

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Share Your App Purchases on Your Social Networks with Blippy


Through a partnership with Blippy, a social-commerce site, the BlackBerryCool Store now lets you share apps with your friends using secure a OAuth system. You can now connect your BBCool store account with Blippy, and let your friends know of any cool deals you’ve found. No other personal information other than the app you purchased, with its name and price, is shared. This service is totally optional but if you have a lot of BlackBerry friends, they’ll surely appreciate the heads-up on some cool deals or apps.

More information about the new Blippy service for the BlackBerryCool Store here.

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Epik Cases Contest Winners Announcement


Thanks everyone for participating in the Epik Cases giveaway contest. We’ve selected 25 lucky winners and they will be contacted by Epik to get shipping information. Remember, if you didn’t win a contest this week, there is always next week. Have a great weekend!
Click through for the winners