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RIM Not Named in Class-Action Lawsuit Against Carrier IQ, Manufacturers and Carriers


Recently, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Carrier IQ, manufacturers and carriers. The defendants in the case include Apple, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Samsung and Motorola but does not include RIM. RIM has been open about the fact that it does not authorize Carrier IQ to collect data on BlackBerry devices nor has it ever authorized the carrier to do so pre-sale. Perhaps it has something to do with RIM’s enterprise clients needing privacy that the policy has trickled down to the consumer, unlike other smartphone manufacturers who want to learn more about their clients.
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BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 Review: The Updated Touchscreen and QWERTY Slider


Before the new devices got announced I was under the impression that a lot of users would be holding off and waiting for the QNX-based BlackBerry devices. I thought that RIM would be in transition and release something only slightly better than last year’s offerings, leaving BlackBerry fans to be sentenced to exile or to wait patiently for the second coming of BlackBerry.
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RIM Official Statement About NFC Blocking By Carriers On BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930


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AT&T and DubMeNow Partner on Education App Platform for Students


Demo of the DubMeNow platform.

AT&T has announced a new cross-platform app platform called Campus Guide, which lets students, faculty, alumni and staff access campus information right on their smartphones. Community members can check out upcoming events, catch up on university sports scores and read course materials as well from within the app. The platform is possible due to a partnership with DubMeNow, a company we’ve covered before on BlackBerryCool. AT&T Campus Guide offers nine different features:
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BlackBerry Bridge Now Available for AT&T But Users Must Buy Tethering Plan


This was sort of sketchy wasn’t it? RIM made the announcement that BlackBerry Bridge is available to AT&T customers but put a note about the requirement of a tethering plan in tiny letters at the bottom of their post. The note says:

**Note: AT&T users must have a tethering plan included with their wireless service plan to take advantage of the Bridge Browser. To enable tethering on your BlackBerry smartphone, go to att.com/mywireless or dial 611.

It’s this kind of behavior that makes your customers think you’re trying to pull a fast one on them. Sure, customers will figure it out anyways, but to write it in a note at the bottom in your post in tiny print is misleading and it insults your customers’ intelligence. The tethering plan costs an additional $20 per month and it would have been nice for RIM to come clean about this fairly huge issue and not try and treat it like it’s unimportant or try and hide it. Many are commenting on the announcement post, angry about the addition of a tethering plan, and RIM could have avoided this by simply addressing the issue and perhaps offering some form of compensation. It also speaks to the fact that perhaps RIM having its own blog isn’t such a good idea. RIM should also be more upfront about the tether issue because it apparently conflicts with what the CEO told cNET which is that the PlayBook will offer tethering for free.

Today is Launch Day for the PlayBook - Getting One?


playbook in store

The BlackBerry PlayBook goes on sale today and it should be interesting to see the sales figures roll in. We’re also curious at how well RIM handles the launch of an entirely new product line. So far, it seems it may not have been a good idea to get the review units out as they weren’t completely finished. If RIM had held back review units, they probably would have caught flack from the various tech sites around the Internet, but maybe that would have generated a more positive buzz for the company than negative.

When it comes to PlayBook supply, we’ve been hearing that the distribution channels are a little disorganized. This is pretty typical as RIM has invested a lot in the carrier and retail channels, which makes it difficult to siphon off devices for developers and reviewers. There are plenty of people in both camps that are still looking for their PlayBook. BlackBerryCool contributor Aaron is ready to sell some PlayBooks but it seems his store only has 2. We’ve heard one Source location in Ottawa only has 7 PlayBooks, but none of this is confirmed with the company, but comes from employees. Lets wait and see what the numbers say.