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WICKSoft launches Atachment Viewer for BlackBerry


Some of you may think that the release of the BlackBerry Bold and OS 4.6 has solved the attachment viewing problem on the BlackBerry (the Bold comes with various free DataViz Documents to Go applications). However, most BlackBerry users aren’t Bold users and there are many devices out there that won’t be able to update to higher OS versions (how many people are still waiting for OS 4.5?).

WICKSoft has released their Attachment Viewer for BlackBerry, which supports all BlackBerry devices (even the 7290!), more document formats (e.g. OpenOffice) and loads quicker than Documents to Go. WICKSoft gave me the application earlier this week and I can say that it’s much easier to use when you’re looking at attachments with multiple pages; the increased speed really reduces the frustration factor of waiting for pages to load. You can see the full press release and some images after the jump.

WICKSoft Attachment Viewer Release

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Terratial Technologies


Terratial Technologies logoYou can’t go wrong with a company that Handango dubbed developer of the year. Terratial Technologies has a number of applications for both business and consumer use. Their DocHawk software provides email attachment reading for over 50 file types, including PDF, Microsoft Office documents and RTF documents, at multiple zoom levels. HollerID, a more consumer-oriented product, announces the first name of an incoming caller. Over 1,700 names are recognized, and there are 15 voices to choose from. There are too many products to list here, so suffice to say they’ll be worth checking out at WES.

BlackBerry for Dummies 2nd. Ed. released


BlackBerry for DummiesJosep has noticed that a new edition of BlackBerry for Dummies has been released today, to the jubilation of new BB-users worldwide. I’ve got a few Dummies books kicking around, and they’re all written with clarity, humour and expertise. BlackBerry for Dummies covers the whole slew of basic and intermediate functions, such as e-mail, attachments, the Address Book, MemoPad, Calendar and Calculator, as well as PIN-to-PIN messaging, web surfing and call functions. If you’re interested, you can pick up a copy cheap on Amazon.