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Comparing the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and the Bold 9000


Salomondrin does a great job of leaking videos of unreleased devices and his most recent is a comparison of the Bold 9700 and the Bold 9000. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 aka the Onyx, will have some decent specs with a 3.2MP camera, 256 MB of memory and a tighter form factor.

Because these videos are constantly being pulled, we’ve decided to bring it to you in picture form.
click through to see some notes and pictures from the Bold 9700 and 9000 comparison video

The BlackBerry Bold launches in Jordan via Orange



Orange Jordan have announced that they’re launching the BlackBerry Bold, arguably RIM’s flagship device. While we aren’t seeing any details on pricing, the BlackBerry Bold comes at a recommended retail price of $1,199.

If you visit the Orange Jordan site, there isn’t a link for BlackBerry or any information on what devices they sell. There is, on the other hand, a ton of information about the iPhone. It will be interesting to see how many Jordinians buy the BlackBerry Bold, even though it doesn’t seem to have much in the way of marketing.

BlackBerry OS leaks: Storm OS, Bold and 8900 OS


This week is off to a great start with some OS leaks for your BlackBerry. The move coveted of the 2 leaks is for Bold and Curve 8900 users: OS Don’t get too excited though, like all the OS 5.0 leaks we’ve seen, the build does not come with the latest BlackBerry Messenger, and it will make App World buggy.

BlackBerry Storm 9500 users will appreciate the OS update as it helps make the Storm experience a little smoother. While the Storm started off on a bad foot, RIM has done a great job of releasing OS updates to improve the experience. So if you’re frustrated with your device, at the very least you should be getting official updates the moment they’re available.

Personally, I don’t recommend downloading these OS leaks, but I’m posting for the die-hards who absolutely must try them out. Make sure to back everything up!

Download OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500.
Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold
Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900

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Free X-Men Gambit theme for the BlackBerry Bold 9000



NinjaThemes have created a free theme for your BlackBerry Bold 9000 featuring Gambit from X-Men. The theme features some dark cartoons accentuated by a pink energy flare. It looks nice and is sure to be a hit with superhero lovers.

Download your free Gambit Theme for the Blackberry Bold 9000.

If you download the theme, make sure to tell your friends you just picked up a free Remy LeBeau theme for your Bold. It’s incredibly geeky but they’ll think it’s some fashion designer from Paris.

Download the BlackBerry Cool App Store.

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a BlackBerry Bold cake


Dear BlackBerry Cool,

I am a follower of your website, i was the first one to get BlackBerry when it was introduced in our part of the world (Dubai) few years back, since then i have almost converted more then 100 of my friends & relatives to this amazing community.

Yesterday was my birthday and wife got a cake specially made out like Blackberry Bold for me, i wanted to share this with you, it was really sweet of her.


Discount BlackBerry app Fateful Fortune Cookie - 20 free copies!


Bunnydog Productions are a recent start-up company that develops Blackberry applications and they’ve just released their first app called Fateful Fortune Cookie. The app is really simple, choose from four types of fortunes: Wise, Sexy, Evil, and Random, and let the app predict your future.

Fateful Fortune Cookie is available for the Storm, 9000, and 8900.

Download Fateful Fortune Cookie for the special price of $1.99 until Apr 30.

Also, we’re giving away 20 free copies! In the comments, write your favorite Chinese dish.