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Poynt for BlackBerry Storm hands on


We’ve talked about Poynt, a free local search service, quite a bit on BlackBerry Cool: as a BlackBerry Developer Challenge winner, in podcast form with developer Multiplied’s Peter Werry during BBDC and in recent releases on the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220.

Multiplied has now brought Poynt to the BlackBerry Storm and was kind enough to give us a copy early for a hands-on. After the jump you’ll find Poynt for BlackBerry Storm’s feature list, a bunch of screen captures, and impressions from our time with this nifty application. Or you could just download Poynt at the link below, considering this is one of the best applications out for the Storm right now.

Download Poynt for BlackBerry Storm

Poynt for BlackBerry Storm impression, features, screenshots

New Telus BlackBerry Storm shipment hitting stores today, get them while you can


Some friends at Telus just tipped us off that the Canadian carrier has received new shipments of the BlackBerry Storm 9530 that will hit stores today. We weren’t given any exact numbers, and it appears that only select Telus stores are receiving the delivery, but we were assured that ‘consumers now have the opportunity to get a Storm in time for the holidays and well into the New Year!

I’d recommended not taking any chances on this ‘New Year’ stuff and act now if you know you want a BlackBerry Storm. Otherwise, you might end up like the poor bastards above. If you find one, make sure to post on our BlackBerry Storm Chaser page, so the other members of the BlackBerry Nation will know where to get one!

Telus BlackBerry Storm Application Center - it does exist!


Well colour me wrong. In my Telus BlackBerry Storm unboxing post, I mentioned that my Storm did not feature the BlackBerry Application Center. It appears I was only half right: while my Storm did not contain the aforementioned App Center, the video above proves that it did launch with the device yesterday.

I’ve contacted Telus and they’re not sure what the problem is (possibly that my Storm was activated before launch?), as I was the first to call in. Of course, the Storm has only been out for a day in Canada, and many new users might not even know what the App Center is to miss it. Post a comment and let us know if your Telus (or Bell) Storm came with the Application Center.

Special thanks to Greg for the video!

Stars rocked the Telus BlackBerry Storm launch


Our Canadian Music Blog, TransCanadaRadio.com also happened to be at the Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party. While I was at the back of the room playing with the toys, TCR was front row rocking out to Arts&Crafts recording artist Stars.

If you like what you see above (and you should) you can check out more live music at the link below. Rock and roll.

Stars live at Telus Storm launch

|via TCR|

Oh, Canada: did you get a BlackBerry Storm today?


First Telus announced the launch of the BlackBerry Storm 9530, and their web site went on ‘back order’ within hours. Then, Bell follows suit with their own BlackBerry Storm 9530 launch, but only in select GTA stores today, with the rest of the country to follow tomorrow. Crazy stuff, folks!

Similar to what we did for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm launch, we’re looking to build a page dedicated to helping Canadian Storm Chasers. Please, post a comment and let the BlackBerry Nation know if you were able to pick up a Storm today from either carrier, at what location, and if there are any more in stock. Consider this page to be ground zero for the Canadian BlackBerry Storm launch.

United we stand, divided we’re a bunch of Treo users.

Surprise! Bell ALSO launches the BlackBerry Storm


Bell BlackBerry Storm

Hoo Boy, wasn’t expecting this at all! I just received an email from Bell stating that they have also launched the BlackBerry Storm 9530. The Bell Storm is is available today at select Bell Mobility stores in the Greater Toronto Area and will be widely available tomorrow at stores nationally. Like Telus, Bell is selling the BlackBerry Storm for $250 on a 3-year contract, with a $45 data plan.

You can read the full press release after the jump. Bell’s online BlackBerry Storm purchase page is not yet live (it’s still says Coming Soon), but hopefully we’ll see that change later today or tomorrow.

Bell BlackBerry Storm Launch Press Release