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[UPDATED] BlackBerry World vs BlackBerry App World: Not Just a Name Change


BlackBerry has made a lot of changes to BlackBerry World, its app distribution portal, with the launch of BlackBerry 10. The new portal has a lot of positive design elements on BlackBerry 10 devices, as well as it received a makeover on the desktop. The problem, is that with this new design, Vendors have lost some of the functionality that made App World great. For me, as a Vendor, it has really have become a nightmare. Here are the current key issues with the new BlackBerry World:
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Some Commonly Asked Questions About the State of the BlackBerry Platform


With the delay of BlackBerry 10, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about RIM and its platform’s health. It’s hard to say much these days as there’s a lot of uncertainty around how well BlackBerry 10 will perform, what’s going on with PlayBook, and whether there’s an automotive angle or another vertical in the works. Here are a few popular questions we’ve been getting and my answers. Feel free to add your own thoughts on these questions. As I said, it’s all pretty up in the air so any and all opinions welcome.
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Mike Lazaridis and Alec Saunders Talk App World and Developer Community #BBDevCon


We’re here at BlackBerry DevCon and Mike Lazaridis as well as Alec Saunders are on stage to talk about some cool things we can expect from App World, as well as the general developer community, in the coming months. Some things to expect include a better developer portal, enterprise apps, and more outreach from RIM to the developer community. There’s a lot going on and while we’re not sure exactly when this stuff is available, it’s great to see it’s coming. More after the break.
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Developers: Maybe It’s Time to Drop Mobihand Entirely


app pirate

Have you checked whether or not your app is being pirated? A development shop recently reached out to BBCool to say that they’ve noticed a particular Mobihand user that has been purchasing their software and then posting the JAD files on his website and Twitter. This software pirate is from Malaysia and sells a $10 VIP membership to offset the cost of buying the apps. According to the developer it’s getting really bad and the download rate for pirates apps is 2 to 1 compared to paid, and it’s all coming from this one guy. Obviously, we’re not going to write the pirate specifically because we don’t want to drive any traffic to him.

We’ve been on a tirade against Mobihand lately and this is just one more reason we don’t think developers should be giving them their intellectual property. When speaking with developers, the general consensus seems to be that only 10% or so of sales comes from Mobihand and the rest from App World. The reason why developers are staying with Mobihand these days seems to be because they want a closer relationship with the bloggers and giveways through Mobihand make it easy to reach out to the community. But if only 10% of your revenue is coming from Mobihand, you should consider simply finding other ways to reach out to the community. Sure, App World has its downsides, but if your software is being pirated then it’s worth losing that 10% revenue and finding a new way to market alongside bloggers. Gift cards are an easy giveaway as they can be sent remotely.
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BlackBerry App World Reaches 1 Billion Downloads


App World

BlackBerry App World 3.0 beta is coming soon and the App World team has announced 1 billion downloads over the past 2 years. BlackBerry App World is now in over 100 countries with an average of 3 million downloads per day. Once App World has support for Android apps, we’re going to see a huge surge in app downloads as users will have more content to discover.

Read more about the announcement at Inside BlackBerry.