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Jim Balsillie talks music 2.0 and App Center

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Jim Balsillie seems very eager to encourage the consumer side of BlackBerry by stating recently that they’re going “music 2.0.” Although he clearly stated that the BlackBerry is not competing with iPhone, it seems that recent moves are aimed at making the BlackBerry more competitive in the same market. While in Cannes at a music industry conference, he had the following to say about their upcoming Application Center:

“We’ve moved to [music] 2.0, where music is undergoing a radical transformation and it creates a remarkable new opportunity for content owners to monetize their content… [BlackBerry is] already very music centric, what were talking about now is our platform.

We’re ingesting apps now and it goes online in March… [It has] a billing engine and is a channel for developers - you’ll see dozens of music apps.”

The shift to on-device billing of apps and media has been a long time coming. It is said that BlackBerry now caters to somewhere around 50% consumers and this iTunes-like store will be a great revenue generator for all those new customers. At the same time, I feel a lot more can be done for enterprise first, their niche market where they can still make a lot of headway.


RIM talks BlackBerry Application Center

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Potentially lost among the Lazaridis’ statements about netbooks in CNET Asia’s RIM interview are a few important morsels about the BlackBerry Application Center, something we haven’t heard much about since it was officially announced at the BlackBerry Developer Conference. Below, you’ll find what Tyler Lessard, Director, ISV Alliances & Dev. Relations had to say.

Lessard: First of all, we have a strong developer community for many years. We’re looking to build on that and of course take advantage of all the applications that exist today and give them a central spot to be distributed. We think we’ll have a very broad breadth of applications that represent everything from games for the consumer to business productivity-type applications that cater to business professionals. Our focus is to make it a really effective channel for the developers. There are a few important things that we want to make sure we do. One is that the storefront is being designed from ground up for mobile software distribution. We are ensuring that developers will be able to submit applications and upgrades when they need to and letting users set up custom profiles so they can be alerted when new types of applications are posted.

We want to make sure we support free applications, paid applications and also monthly subscription billing or try-and-buy models. Those are things some other vendors have not been able to do because their stores weren’t designed for software necessarily. At the end of it, we want to support the broadest types of applications, different types of billing models and operate a very effective wireless channel for downloading of applications whether it’s via a cellular network or Wi-Fi.

Wireless operators can also offer their own customization to that storefront experience. So this won’t be the only place you can get applications for BlackBerry. If a wireless operator chooses to have a separate store where they highlight applications they want to sell because, for example, they have billing integration with those vendors, or it’s an exclusive application that’s available only on that operator, we want to make sure they can offer those separate applications and customize the storefront experience. We see the application store as a very important distribution mechanism, but it won’t be the only place. We’ll continue to let developers distribute directly as well.

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Telus BlackBerry Storm Application Center - it does exist!

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Well colour me wrong. In my Telus BlackBerry Storm unboxing post, I mentioned that my Storm did not feature the BlackBerry Application Center. It appears I was only half right: while my Storm did not contain the aforementioned App Center, the video above proves that it did launch with the device yesterday.

I’ve contacted Telus and they’re not sure what the problem is (possibly that my Storm was activated before launch?), as I was the first to call in. Of course, the Storm has only been out for a day in Canada, and many new users might not even know what the App Center is to miss it. Post a comment and let us know if your Telus (or Bell) Storm came with the Application Center.

Special thanks to Greg for the video!

RIM developing a BlackBerry Application Center

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Wow, is this big news. And entirely unexpected. While the BlackBerry Nation has been clamoring for an all-in-one BlackBerry app store for a long time, few thought RIM would ever take the plunge and do it. This is big time: way to go Kevin!

According to our boy at CrackBerry, the BlackBerry Application Center will launch with the BlackBerry Storm’s OS 4.7. It will allow BlackBerry users find, browse and install/upgrade 3rd party BlackBerry apps hosted by carriers. The Application Center will display an up to date list of applications availalbe for download, along with description and marketing information about each application. Functionally, the App Center will consist of the device side client and a a server backend hosted by RIM that the application will interact with to retrieve up to date application list of applications hosted by the carriers.

Obviously, this is significantly different that Apple’s iTunes app store, in that it is designed to make it easier for carriers to display and sell their applications to users, rather than cut them out of the picture. I wonder if we’ll see a lightsaber application for the BlackBerry Bold… Kevin is hinting that RIM will make a major announcement about the BlackBerry Application Center during the BlackBerry Developer Conference (sweet!), so stay tuned for more info. Wow, BBDC has quickly turned into the must-go event of the year!

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