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BlackBerry Bold 9000, Curve 8320 and 8700 Arrive in Mongolia



Mongolia is only about 3 million and Ulaanbaatar is around 1 million, so isn’t going to have a big impact on RIM’s sales, but nonetheless RIM and Alcatel-Lucent have launched the BlackBerry solution in Mongolia. The Bold 9000, Curve 8320 and BlackBerry 8700 are all launching in Mongolia, as well as BES and BIS. We’re not sure on price, but it’s going to be a small subset of the population buying BlackBerry. With China being Mongolia’s biggest trading partner, and BlackBerry set to launch in China, this could be of big help to businessmen in the region.

BlackBerry Battery Cover Review: Bold vs Tour vs Curve vs Storm and more



Over the years RIM has been continually changing the BlackBerry battery cover. Some covers have been better than others, and I thought I’d put together a review post including new and older devices. The devices included in this review are:

BlackBerry Bold 9700
BlackBerry Curve 8530
BlackBerry Bold 9000
BlackBerry Storm 9550
BlackBerry Storm 9530
BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220
BlackBerry Tour 9630

Generally, I’m looking for a battery cover to be solid, sturdy, easy to remove and put back on, and have an element of fashionable design.

Click through for a full review of the various BlackBerry battery covers we have seen to date

OS 5 Officially Released for the BlackBerry Bold 9000



RIM vaguely promised that we would be seeing OS 5 for older devices before 2010 and while they didn’t deliver in full, they have at least brought us OS 5 for the Bold 9000 very early in the year. This build comes as OS and is courtesy of Bell Mobility. Remember to delete the vendor.xml file if you’re not with Bell.

The vendor.xml file can be found in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

[BerryCN got the scoop]

Letters:Pink BlackBerry theme for the Bold, Tour and 8900


JLDesigns have a new theme up and this one is for the girls (or guys who love pink). It’s called Letters:Pink and it’s available for the Bold 9700/9000, Tour and Curve 8900. The theme features mostly text-based icons and a pink color scheme.

Letters: Pink costs $4.98 and you can get more info on the download page.

MapQuest release MapQuest 4 Mobile with support for older BlackBerrys


MapQuest have released MapQuest 4 Mobile with a ton of support for older BlackBerry devices, but a limited amount of support for newer models such as the Curve 8900, Bold 9700 and Tour. While I think more developers should support the older devices, I think MapQuest is missing out by not getting the early adopters involved.

Features include:

  • Maps - MapQuest’s detailed and friendly map style is a familiar face in the mobile world.
  • Aerial Maps - Get an eagle-eye view to orient yourself; easily available from any map.
  • Interactive Maps for Mobile Screens - MapQuest 4 Mobile uses smaller map images for mobile screens. This allows you to pan and zoom without waiting for long downloads.
  • Directions - MapQuest 4 Mobile generates the same accurate directions you’ve come to trust from MapQuest.com.
  • Search - Search for a business, either by name, or just a category. Map it, get directions or call the business with a click.
  • Traffic - Color-coded traffic flows alert you to conditions in your locale, while incident icons appear on the map to help you avoid the latest road construction or accidents along the way.
  • Find Me - MapQuest 4 Mobile uses your phone’s GPS chip to locate you, keep track of your progress along a route, or simply find your location when you are lost (if your handset is GPS enabled).
  • My Places - This new feature will allow registered My Places users on MapQuest.com to view their saved maps and routes on MapQuest 4 Mobile.

Device support includes: 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130, 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8800, 8820, 8830 and 9000.

The OS 5 Boot Test: Storm2 vs Storm 9530 vs Bold 9700 vs Bold 9000


blackberryboot times

Booting up a BlackBerry is incredibly frustrating and slow. Usually it’s best to take the old proverb “a watched pot never boils” and just leave it in your pocket for a of couple minutes and check back. At least with OS 5 we get a status bar showing relatively how long it will be until you can get busy on your BlackBerry again.

Here I have 4 BlackBerrys, all with OS 5 loaded. Two are official OS 5 builds, and 2 are leaks. We’re going to put in the battery at the same time (or as close to the same as possible), and see which one loads first. Here are the contestants:

Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 OS (this is what it came shipped with)
TELUS Storm 9530 OS (I think this is the latest leaked)
T-Mobile Bold 9700 OS (out of the box OS)
Rogers Bold 9000 OS (I believe this is the latest leak)

The winner? Check out the video after the jump.
See the Storm2 vs the Storm 9530 vs the 9000 vs 9700 all running OS 5

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