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BlackBerry Bold 9650 OS with Change Log


We haven’t written about a BlackBerry OS update in some time and the news seems a little lame considering what is on the horizon (OS 7 and QNX OS). Nonetheless, it’s cool that carriers such as Verizon have started, and will hopefully continue, to provide changelogs along with the OS update. One of the more interesting updates includes support for BlackBerry Balance. This allows you to securely separate your business and personal data, applications and information.

To download the latest version of the Bold 9650 OS, use this link.

Hit the jump for the changelog.
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Navigation Tips for BlackBerry OS 6 Devices


BlackBerry 6 has some pretty great features for making the navigation experience better on a BlackBerry. While the OS doesn’t have anything crazy in terms of new features, it does go a long way to making the user interface more graphical and efficient.

RIM sent out a list of navigation tips that nicely sums up some of the ways BlackBerry 6 makes the user expeirence a little faster. Whether you have a touchscreen or non-touchscreen BlackBerry running OS 6, read through the tips and see if there’s anything you didn’t know.
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Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 SKUs Indicate Possible BlackBerry 6 Preload


Verizon’s November rebate form reveals that there are two new SKUs for the BlackBerry Bold 9650, which hints at it being a new version of the product. It’s very possible that Verizon has just changed the SKU for inventory or unrelated reasons, but it’s also possible that those SKUs mean the Bold 9650 is shipped with a preloaded version of BlackBerry 6. Hopefully the BlackBerry 6 preload is the case because this device needs it asap.

Verizon End of Life Document Shows 9550 and 8530 Ending Fall 2010


verizon end of life

A leaked Verizon End of Life document shows the various Verizon BlackBerrys and when they’re marked for death. The BlackBerry Storm2 and Curve 8530 are next on the list and will be terminated as of the Fall of 2010. The exact dates are October 10th for the Storm2 and September 16th for the 8530. Generally, it looks like BlackBerrys are targeted at having about a year long shelf life, since the Bold 9650 is targeted as having an End of Life around March 31st, 2010.

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Now Available from US Cellular


The BlackBerry Bold 9650 is available in US Cellular stores today. The Bold 9650, which we all know as the Tour2, supports EV-DO Rev A in North America, as well as UMTS/HSPA (2100Mhz) and quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM networks abroad. This makes the Bold 9650 a great purchase for those who travel a lot. Also, we know the Bold 9650 will be getting BlackBerry 6, so if you’re looking for a solid trackpad device that will get the latest OS, this is a good device to consider.

Read our review of the BlackBerry Bold 9650 here.

More details about the US Cellular Bold available in the press release.

Video of the BlackBerry Bold 9650 Running BlackBerry 6


YouTube link

The BlackBerry Bold 9650 is definitely getting the BlackBerry 6 update and this video shows the device running the latest OS is just a little more proof. BlackBerry 6 looks good on a trackpad BlackBerry and as the processing power of the devices slowly starts to get faster, we’ll see BlackBerry 6 run a lot smoother.