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Two carrier themes from JLDesigns - AT&T Berry and VerizonBerry


JLDesigns has two themes up: one is called VerizonBerry and is made for the Curve 8900, Bold and Storm. The other is AT&T Berry which is made for the Curve 8900 and Bold.

The themes emulate the default themes you get with the Curve 8310 from AT&T and the Curve 8330 from Verizon. Both themes are available in Bottom Dock, L, and Today variants, which the original themes were not.

Another bonus is that the Storm version of VerizonBerry, is completely compatible with the .151 hybrid software, which many themes are not, and the L variants include a rollover today feature

If you’re looking for a great way to rep your carrier, this is it.

Download AT&T Berry for the Curve 8900 and Bold for $4.98.

Download VerizonBerry for the Curve 8900, Bold and Storm for $4.98.

Zune HD Series BlackBerry theme available for Bold, Storm and 8900


The Zune HD Series themes are modeled after Microsoft’s Zune HD media player. The theme comes with Today views and it’s available for all the most current devices.

It’s a lot of fun using themes that mimic another device. While your friends are playing around with their Zune, you can show them you’ve already got a Zune, but its got a BES connection.

Purchase the Zune HD Series theme for $4.98.

Free Akira theme for the BlackBerry Bold 9000


akira theme

Akira is one of the most seminal anime series to ever be produced. If you’ve seen it, some scenes you might remember include: Akira’s crazy super bike, the mini-gun holding clown or Akira’s shape shifting destructo-arm.

Some of these nostalgic memories have been put together by PimpMyBerry in a free theme spotted over at BerryReview.

Download the Akira theme for the BlackBerry Bold 9000. *Must register to download*


Free Watercolors theme for the BlackBerry Bold



The watercolors theme is great for the extroverted BlackBerry user who can’t get enough colors on their device. They probably have a pink case and a neon green Colorware job on their device. This theme features hand drawn icons by valexd.

Download the Watercolors theme for your BlackBerry Bold OTA. This version has hand drawn icons.

Download the Watercolors theme for the Bold with the original icons.


Free X-Men Gambit theme for the BlackBerry Bold 9000



NinjaThemes have created a free theme for your BlackBerry Bold 9000 featuring Gambit from X-Men. The theme features some dark cartoons accentuated by a pink energy flare. It looks nice and is sure to be a hit with superhero lovers.

Download your free Gambit Theme for the Blackberry Bold 9000.

If you download the theme, make sure to tell your friends you just picked up a free Remy LeBeau theme for your Bold. It’s incredibly geeky but they’ll think it’s some fashion designer from Paris.

Download the BlackBerry Cool App Store.

Pink loving theme goodness with the Blossom theme for BlackBerry


The guys at Elecite have launched a new theme called Blossom. The theme works on the BlackBerry Curve 8900, Storm and Bold. This theme is great for the pink them loving people out there.

The Premium Blossom theme from Elecite is available for $6.99.