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BlackBerryCool Talks BlackBerry 10 With CTV News


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BlackBerry Storm 2 Controlled Robot Challenge


Check out the above video to watch the Storm2 robot shoot a BlackBerry Bold 9700 in the face!

The BlackBerry Developer Conference is showing off an impressive use for the Storm2: a ball-shooting tank robot of destruction powered by the latest BlackBerry.

The robot connects by Bluetooth and conference attendees are invited to race around an obstacle course and compete for the fastest time. First prize gets a Storm2 and the robot, and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place all get a Storm2 as well.

Did you try it? What was your time?

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All good things…


Jim Balsillie and Douglas SoltysMike Lazaridis and Douglas Soltys

Which of these three people is not a RIM Co-CEO?

2009 is set to be an historic year worldwide, but it seems as though my beloved Canada is failing to play a role. The Sens still suck, the Raptors still suck, and no one wants another federal election. With President Obama’s visit to our nation’s capital drawing ever nearer, I’ve decided to put my own stamp of change on the New Year. To that effect, as of this Friday I will no longer be Editor-in-Chief of BlackBerry Cool.

During my time at the ‘Cool, much has changed in the BlackBerry space. I can remember back in the early days writing an editorial (one of my first, in fact) in favor of the then much-rumored Apple/RIM device we had dubbed the ‘iBerry’ — we all know how that worked out. BlackBerry Cool has changed quite a bit in that time as well: we’re prettier, faster, and with writers like Kyle McInnes, Nan Palmero, and Jonathan Brandon, filled with new blood and fresh opinions. In the end, I guess that’s why leaving BlackBerry Cool, a site that I’ve grown with and has grown with me, doesn’t seem as heartbreaking as it should. With the new BBCool team and the myriad BlackBerry sites on the web now (remember when it was just BlackBerry Forums, and BBCool?), I know I leave things in good hands.

As for my part? I’ve had the opportunity to meet with many industry luminaries (see above photos), broken some pretty major news, launched a cool mobile application, hosted breakthrough industry events, and played with so many pre-release BlackBerrys that you should be jealous. I leave BlackBerry Cool with no regrets and many fond memories.

I will be thanking many people for their help in this journey during the next few weeks, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to you, the reader. Thank you for your constant support, encouragement, and proving the impetus to forgo sleep for just one more post. If you’re ever looking to chat BlackBerry, you know where to find me.

Douglas Soltys
BlackBerry Cool

Happy Boxing Day!!


While most of our American readership may not realize it, the day after Christmas is actually a holiday in Canada called ‘Boxing Day‘. It’s tradition in during Boxing Day for Canadians to garb themselves in the cardboard boxes of yesterday’s presents, walk out into the street, and beat the holy heck out of each other.

Actually, we usually just sit around eating leftovers and watching the World Junior Hockey Championship. To keep our Yankee compatriots happy, however, I’m going to break away from the food and the games to keep you updated throughout the day.

But if anyone wants to meet outside to rumble…

“How can we improve BlackBerry Cool Mobile?” (Weekly Contest)


BlackBerry Cool Mobile

The whole BlackBerry Cool team is pretty proud that we just launched BlackBerry Cool Mobile. But, as happy as we are, we know that BlackBerry Cool Mobile is still in beta. That’s why we need your help.

We need you to put BlackBerry Cool Mobile through it’s paces. Kick the tires. Rip it apart and put it back together. Hold nothing back. Post your (constructive) criticism to help make BlackBerry Cool Mobile the best mobile app out there, and we’ll make it worth your while. This week we’re giving away 10 FREE BPLAY GAME/THEME PACKS FOR THE FIRST TEN COMMENTS and TEN MORE FOR THE BEST FEEDBACK.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re giving away a $100 BLACKBERRY COOL STORE GIFT CARD AS THE GRAND PRIZE, to be randomly drawn from all those that posted feedback. What are you waiting for?

Download BlackBerry Cool Mobile now!

Introducing… BlackBerry Cool Mobile (Beta)!


Bringing the best of BlackBerry Cool right to your BlackBerry!

So we have to admit it… It’s pretty embarrassing being a BlackBerry weblog without a decent mobile solution. With the notable exception of BlackBerry Cool To Go, there has really been no good way to get BlackBerry Cool content on your BlackBerry…. until now.

We’re proud to introduce BlackBerry Cool Mobile, which places a little piece of the ‘Cool right on your BB. You can click the download link below, and learn more about BlackBerry Cool Mobile after the jump!

Download the BlackBerry Cool Mobile Beta!

Learn more about BlackBerry Cool Mobile