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BlackBerry Partners Fund announce more finalists in Developer Challenge


The BlackBerry Partners Fund have announced the next four finalists in the 2009 BlackBerry Developer Challenge.

The next four finalists are:

  • David by Turner Technologies
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates by Concrete Software Inc
  • CBS News by Handmark
  • Market Simplified by Market Simplified Inc.

This brings the total finalists to 8. The previous four finalists were:

  • Fierce Towers by Nickel Buddy
  • Astraware Solitare by Handmark
  • Expense Manager by Total Wireless Solutions
  • Vision for YouTube by Metova

So far, of the 8 finalists, 3 are games. This is interesting considering games make up a small percentage of total BlackBerry content sales. Finalists were selected by a panel of judges based on the following criteria: compelling product or service; clearly defined value proposition, and; technical execution. Personally, I would like to see more utilities in the finalists. These apps are constantly improving the functionality of the device and need more recognition.

My next four choices are:

  • gwabbit
  • vPost (their latest version includes screenshot functionality and a scribble feature)
  • LaterDude Pro
  • Poynt (with their new features, are they eligible to reapply?)

Who would you nominate for the Developer Challenge?


Nintaii v.1.0.9 Reviewed!



Though I wasn’t a big fan of their Poker Odds Calculator Pro, I really like Mobigloo’s Nintaii for BlackBerry. Some of you may remember us mentioning Nintaii back in October when we discussed the finalists for  the BlackBerry Developer Challenge. ‘Nintai,’ a Japanese Kanji that means “patience” offers users a great experience from start to finish - if you can, that is. It’s easy to install, and there’s virtually no setup. The controls are easy to learn and operate. And, there are about 100 different levels (of increasing difficulty), so with a little perserverance this game may in fact teach you all about the meaning of patience.

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Complete audio of the BlackBerry Developer Conference now available (BlackBerry Bytes)


If you weren’t one of the lucky people attending the BlackBerry Developers Conference, take heart, RIM is bringing part of the experience to you! No, it’s not a free BlackBerry, but possible something much more valuable: the entire 2008 BBDC keynote audio. Weighing in at over 3 hours (!), the keynote has something for everyone: Mike Lazaridis’ inspiring address to developers, Rick Segal of the BlackBerry Partners Fund debuting the Dev Challenge winners and mentioning the BlackBerry Cool 15 about 15 times, (enough for a fun drinking game!) or the highly technical stuff near the end about Eclipse or MS Visual studio support.

BlackBerry Developer Conference Keynote Audio


BlackBerry Partners Fund adds two new members (BlackBerry Bytes)


If you’re excited about the number of cool BlackBerry applications you’ve heard about recently, it probably has something to do with the BlackBerry Partners Fund, the $150 million venture capital fund announced at WES. I would ask you to look no further than the BlackBerry Developer Challenge and the BlackBerry Cool 15 as examples of their pedigree. Today they announced the addition of two new members to its investment team: Marc Faucher and Matt Golden.

“Marc and Matt add competencies that perfectly compliment the knowledge and
experience currently resident within the members of the BlackBerry Partners Fund management team,” said Kevin Talbot, Co-Managing Partner of the BlackBerry Partners Fund. “With these appointments the BlackBerry Partners Fund has further solidified itself as the preeminent source of venture capital for mobile application or service developers.”

Both Marc and Matt have a variety of experience from other venture funds, as well as major wireless players like Bell, Ericsson and Tira Wireless. Welcome to the team, guys!

(via MobileSyrup)


BlackBerry Developer Challenge Finalists Announced!


The BlackBerry Parnters Fund, the fine folks who are sponsoring the BlackBerry Cool 15, have announced the finalists of the BlackBerry Developer Challenge. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s only the biggest BlackBerry developer contest ever, with prizes for each category and the top two developers receiving two $150,000 investment opportunities.

You can see a brief description of each finalist after the jump. The winners, of course, will be announced at the BlackBerry Developer Conference. I was excited to see FreeRange’s AP Mobile News make the cut, as it was one of the best apps we spent time with at CTIA.

BlackBerry Developer Challenge Finalists


The BlackBerry Cool 15 at the BlackBerry Developer Conference!!


UPDATE: Just got an email from Rick Segal, member of the BlackBerry Partners fund, confirming that he can also participate as a judge! This is great news for all developers participating, as I’m sure he’s looking to break open the vault and cough up some term sheet love for the BlackBerry Nation.

We’ve had a long history of being excited about being excited for the BlackBerry Developer Conference since it was first announced back in May. Our excitement reached a high point last week, when we told you of our participation in the BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge and the What Makes a Great Mobile Application? panel. I’d now like to formally introduce another DevCon event that can’t have us any more excited: The BlackBerry Cool 15.

The BlackBerry Cool 15 is an event we’re running to give exposure to BlackBerry developers with innovative and “cool” software ideas while providing them with a relaxed forum to interact with other like-minded people. The BlackBerry Cool 15 is a celebration of the BlackBerry development community and a good excuse to have a great time! Here’s how it will happen:

* We’re looking for 15 registered DevCon developers willing to display their innovative, pre-1.0 software release in front of an audience at the BlackBerry Developer Conference.
* Each of the 15 selected developers will have 1-2 minutes to pitch their idea or application, followed by 2-3 minutes of questioning by a judges panel.
* After all the developers have made their pitch, the audience members will vote on the best BlackBerry application. The winner will receive some great prizes which will be announced shortly.
* The whole event will be filmed and eventually displayed on BlackBerry Cool for the entire BlackBerry Nation to see.

The BlackBerry Cool 15 is being sponsored by the BlackBerry Partners Fund, which will supply both the adult beverages and developer prizes (thanks guys!). Our judging panel is a ‘who’s who’ of the BlackBerry blogging world, comprised of Al Sacco from CIO.com, Kevin Michaluk from CrackBerry.com, Hayden James from Pinstack.com (unconfirmed) and yours truly.

The BlackBerry Cool 15 is going to be a great time so make sure to come. It will take place on Monday, October 20th after the DevCon opening reception (more specific details to follow). Are you a developer interested in making a pitch to a room full of VCs, RIM employees and peers? REGISTER NOW!!!


BlackBerry Developer Conference Blowout! Panels, Money, Devices, BlackBerry Cool 15?


October is here and that means we’re only a few weeks away from the BlackBerry Developer Conference, which is running from October 20-22nd. Not only is the BlackBerry Cool staff excited to make time with all the BlackBerry Developers out there, we’re also participating in an official capacity.

  • As part of the BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge, I’m one of the judges for the “Most Innovative Web Application” category.
  • I’ll also be participating on the What Makes a Great Mobile Application? Panel with Rick Segal (BlackBerry Partners Fund), Mike Kirkup (RIM’s Manager of Developer Relations), Kevin from CrackBerry and Hayden from Pinstack!

Our boy Kevin from CrackBerry also broke some exciting news yesterday when he reported that the BlackBerry Developer Conference is going to be littered with free BlackBerrys for attendees! I know for a fact that BlackBerry Developers are always in need of a few extra BlackBerrys for testing, so this should make everyone happy (oh please let them be BlackBerry Storms!). I’ve also heard a rumor floating around that the two Best of Show $150,000 Developer Grand Prizes might be doubled!! That’s over half a million in prizes, folks, and that doesn’t even include the prize money for the individual Developer Challenge categories!

UPDATE: Just got an email from Rick Segal of the BlackBerry Partners Fund. He loves the idea, and is going to sponsor us!! Still not sure about the name (post some suggestions, please), but for now the BLACKBERRY COOL 15 IS ON! More info to come!

There’s one more thing I wanted to float by you, though. Even though the BBDC is all about developers, with so many of them at the show, it’s going to be hard for many to get the exposure they need. BlackBerry Cool has been thinking about running an event during the BlackBerry Developer Conference… an event (maybe) called the BlackBerry Cool 15. Here’s the idea:

  • We get about 15 registered developers all in one room with an audience.
  • We’ll give them 1-2 minutes to pitch their idea or application, followed by 2-3 minutes of questioning by a judges panel.
  • After all the developers have made their pitch, the audience members vote on what was the best BlackBerry application.
  • We’ll film the whole thing and give all the developers great exposure, and some cool prizes to the winner.

What do you think BlackBerry Nation? Does it sound like a (ahem) ‘cool’ idea? Post a comment and let us know. We’ll see you in Santa Clara!


Kenyans tapped for BlackBerry Developer Challenge


The BlackBerry Developer Challenge was announced last week, and they really seem to be reaching out to folks all over the world (yes, even you, Australia). Charlene Maina, technical product manager at RIM, was particularly enthusiastic about Kenyan development.

“I have what some may call a naïve belief that Kenya is a haven of untapped potential,” Maina said. “Look around at Kenyans making it in the diaspora: I am a firm believer that restrictions of the mind result in restrictions in performance. I am hoping that my belief that a compelling idea can come from Kenya will fuel the right developer to see beyond themselves as a Kenyan developer and more as a developer who the world is demanding a service from.”

Application deadline is September 30th., and the winner will be announced at the BlackBerry Developer Conference on October 21st. and 22nd. There are five categories to compete in: most innovative game, most innovative multimedia application, most innovative personal productivity application, most innovative enterprise application and most innovative Web application. While the competition might be BlackBerry-only, the hosting BlackBerry Partners Fund still have $150 million of venture capital available for all platforms.

(via NetworkWorld)