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BlackBerry Sponsors Haxe NME for Cross-Platform 2D Games


Flash developers will find this interesting: BlackBerry is currently sponsoring the Haxe NME (Neko Media Engine) project on Github. NME allows developers to build cross-platform 2D games or apps. The platform allows developers to deploy to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and BlackBerry, while also supporting Flash Player and HTML5. According to the About section:

“NME mirrors the traditional Flash API, so developers can leverage their existing experience to target new platforms, with better results. Developers with experience in ActionScript 3, Java or C++ can quickly learn to use NME without a long on-ramp.”
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[UPDATED] BlackBerry World vs BlackBerry App World: Not Just a Name Change


BlackBerry has made a lot of changes to BlackBerry World, its app distribution portal, with the launch of BlackBerry 10. The new portal has a lot of positive design elements on BlackBerry 10 devices, as well as it received a makeover on the desktop. The problem, is that with this new design, Vendors have lost some of the functionality that made App World great. For me, as a Vendor, it has really have become a nightmare. Here are the current key issues with the new BlackBerry World:
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Hackathons Are Great For Quantity But Are They Good Quality?


The past 2 hackathons have been amazing successes for RIM from an app quantity perspective. The first hackathon generated 15,000 apps and the second has generated over 19,000 apps. With 34,000 apps from just 2 hackathons, RIM could keep this up throughout the lifetime of the platform and potentially surpass the competition just from this type of developer support. One would assume that the platform would also attract a base level of developer support and the hackathons are just icing on the cake. But are these apps really doing anything for the typical user? In some ways, the hackathons are not on-message with what Alec Saunders and RIM have said in the past. Saunders once said that RIM’s strength is quality over quantity but a quick look at the apps being submitted at these hackathons don’t seem to follow this mantra.
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Reminder: BlackBerry Dev Alpha C Offer Running Until February 5th, 2013


The Dev Alpha program is a great initiative on RIM’s part that makes a lot of sense. If you’re a developer, you want to know that your app runs smoothly on the latest device so that the first build you put out is your best foot forward. Simulators help, but they don’t always provide realistic representations of how the app performs under different connectivity and usage scenarios.

The Dev Alpha C is the Dev Alpha device for the QWERTY version of the newest BlackBerry 10 devices. With the Dev Alpha C, you’ll be able to test if your apps and games run smoothly on the device, and perhaps you’ll want to tweak some of the UI/UX in order to best suit the device. Check after the jump for the details on the Dev Alpha C program.
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Balkan BlackBerry Developer Group Organizes BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam


The Balkans BlackBerry Developer group recently helped organize a “Mini” BlackBerry 10 Jam conference, although with over 200 developers present, it wasn’t exactly mini. The event was held in Maribor, which is the second largest city in Slovenia, at the Maribor Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The event featured learning sessions and what looks like an awesome after party - all the essential features of a great developer conference. Hit the jump for more details and pics from the event.
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BlackBerry Jam Conference in San Jose is More Apps Less Games


We’re at BlackBerry Jam in San Jose, California and there’s something interesting about the session catalogue: a total lack of anything ScoreLoop related and very little about gaming. This is probably a conscious decision on the part of RIM as BlackBerry World was almost too much gaming and the company may have gotten some flack from app developers about it. It would have made sense for RIM to be a little more open about the fact that this is not a gaming related conference, and that the focus will be on utility-style apps.
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