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How To Improve the Speed of Your BlackBerry (for OS 5 and OS 6)


We have ran several guides for helping users make their BlackBerry devices run faster. We continue to run these guides along regular content because users continually ask these questions and we cover a little more in each one. If you want to make your BlackBerry running OS 5 or OS 6 faster, click through and read these tips.
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5 BlackBerry Theme Developer Tips from MMMOOO


MMMOOO is a BlackBerry theme and app development company based out of Shanghai, China. MMMOOO’s developers have put together some awesome themes such as Snow Leopard, OS 6 and UltraToday Plus. The company has also developed some great apps such as SuperQWERTY. MMMOO has put together some tips for BlackBerry theme developers and together we’ll help make the theme market spectacular.
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BlackBerry Tips: 2 Ways to Install a Theme or App from the JAD File


There are a few ways you can install a BlackBerry theme from a JAD file and we’ll present two: a free and paid version. Ideally, someone has hosted the COD and JAD files and provided you a link to the JAD so you can download OTA. Often times you’ll find a theme that is exported by a developer as a bunch of COD files and a single JAD. All you need to know is that the JAD points to all the COD files and tells the BlackBerry how to install the theme. If you have ever tried to load these files through the Desktop Manager, you’ve found that it doesn’t support this sort of side loading. Here are two ways in which you can download these files to your device:
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Beginner’s Guide: How to Create a Basic Animated BlackBerry Theme


The following is a tutorial on how to create a basic BlackBerry theme. This guide was developed by Indra Gunawan, member of ID-GTF, a Blackberry theme community in Indonesia (GTF is short for Garage Theme Factory. This is a basic tutorial that uses the CreepyBerry theme as an example. This is the first in many tutorials that include topics such as how to make a theme in different styles such as hidden dock, ring, J-scroll and more. These have been translated from Indonesian, and feel free to use the comments section to ask for help.
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Guide to Improving BlackBerry Memory Usage and Deleting Waste


This guide is a little more for the beginner BlackBerry user and I’m just putting it out there in the hopes that someone finds it useful, or a reader can kindly contribute more suggestions for reducing memory waste. If you’re running an older BlackBerry, or you download a ton of apps, managing memory on your BlackBerry is pretty important. The first thing you’re going to want to do is check your memory status and see where you’re at. Go to:

Options > Status and check “File Free”. This is how much space you have on your device. There are other ways to check which we’ll go into later, but you’re going to want a good amount of breathing room here, at least 10000000 bytes (10 MB).
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How to Fix the GPS on Your BlackBerry


So you just got a brand new BlackBerry, you slap on Foursquare, let it detect your position, but notice that it’s taking forever.  You make your way through the options menu, select the ‘GPS’ menu and start switching ‘location on’ to ‘location off’ back to ‘location on’, then from ‘enable’ to ‘disable’ back to ‘enable’.  At this point you might make your way back to Foursquare, realize that you’ve had enough patience to deal with the nonsense and run to your service provider claiming that your GPS isn’t working.  Hold the phone.

Turns out that there is a fix that may or may not (depending your carrier) “activate” your GPS.
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