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Apress Won’t Publish BlackBerry Books Other Than for PlayBook


The guys at Made Simple Learning let us know about their latest book: BlackBerry Torch Made Simple. What’s interesting about this latest book, is that their usual publisher, Apress, has taken a pass on all BlackBerry books - except for the Playbook. According to the authors, Apress doesn’t feel the BlackBerry market is strong enough to merit future books on BlackBerrys. This seems like a strange reason to not publish the books considering the BlackBerry market continues to grow along with the greater smartphone industry. A more obvious reason is that print seems to be on the decline, and much of the information in the Made Simple Learning books for BlackBerry can be found online.
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BlackBerry Slow? Basic Tips to Make Your BlackBerry Run Faster



You may find your BlackBerry running slowly and often times this can be resolved with a few simple steps. I’ve taken the time to write out these tips that should get your BlackBerry back up to speed. Remember, your BlackBerry is more like a computer than a phone, and it needs similar best practices for memory management and performance.
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BlackBerry Help: How to Install Apps on your BlackBerry


Every day a new BlackBerry user is born and they may be coming from the feature phone world and have never before downloaded an app. If you’re a regular reader of BlackBerry Cool, you’re very familiar with the app downloading process, so feel free to skip the post or offer more helpful tips.
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BlackBerry Tip: Using Autotext Macros to Display a Time Stamp


With AutoText, you can actually insert Macros or shortcuts for other functions such as display the current time and date, your PIN number, owner information or even simulate pressing the backspace or delete keys. Here is how:

1. Create a new autotext entry by going to Options > AutoText > Menu > New. Under Replace, use “ts” (“Time Stamp”).
2. Scroll down to With and press the MENU key and select “Insert Macro”. TIP: All macros start with the percent sign (%).
3. Now, just scroll up or down and select the macro you want. In this case, we want a short date (%d) which is the “mm/dd/yy” format.
4. Type a SPACE and “-“ then SPACE, then insert the short time (%t). The field should now read “%d - %t”.

Now whenever you want to put the current date and time, just type your new entry: “ts” and press SPACE. You will now see something like 1/31/2009 - 9:25a whenever you type “ts” then SPACE.

This tip was provided by Gary Mazo from his recently released book with Martin Trautschold entitled BlackBerry Bold 9700 Made Simple.

The “BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 Made Simple” electronic edition can be found for $14.95.

Pre-release special pricing for the Full Training Center is just $19.95 ($10 off regular $29.95) and the pre-release pricing for the Videos Only package is just $14.95 ($5.00 off the $19.95 regular). Save even more today with our 30% off Holiday Coupon Code: “64D83F49F2“.

BlackBerry Made Simple offers complete BlackBerry training


BlackBerry Made Simple

BlackBerry Made Simple

BlackBerry Cool readers are generally well versed in their BlackBerry but there are some people who need help. BlackBerry Made Simple is celebrating their new name with new products and new prices. The company is now able to offer a complete “Training Center” approach to learning about your BlackBerry. They have a “Training Center” available for every BlackBerry device.

The Training Center includes:

  • Videos Now – A full video library (over 60 Videos per device) which can be viewed on any PC or Mac
  • Videos to Go – A full Video Library in a self-installing file (for PC users) and easy install (for Mac users) which loads the videos right onto your Micro SD card. (Videos to Go requires a BlackBerry 88xx, 81xx, 82xx 83xx, 89xx, 90xx or 95xx BlackBerry Smartphone with at least a 1 GB Micro SD card)
  • Made Simple Guide Book – Comprehensive guide books.

New Promotional Pricing:

  • Buy Videos Now and Videos to Go – Together – for the new low price of $19.95 – A Savings of 80% off previous pricing
  • Buy the Made Simple Guide Books (EBook format) for a low $14.95 – A Savings of almost 30% of previous EBook pricing
  • Buy the Complete Training Center for only $29.95 – A Savings of $91.02 or 75% off previous pricing

Try BlackBerry Made Simple guides by visiting their site.

BlackBerry Made Simple goes mobile


BlackBerry Made Simple

You might remember that poll awhile back regarding getting instructional videos right on your device… Well, it looks like the folks at BlackBerry Made Simple listened, and are now offering over 65 of their files in a BlackBerry-friendly format. This is a great idea for training folks on simple BlackBerry tasks, since they’re not only learning a thing or two about video playback in the process, but it guarantees they can review lessons whereever they are. It’s a solid deal deal for both individuals who need a few crash courses and enterprises who are looking to keep their help desk calls down. Head on over to BlackBerry Made Simple to try out some of their free sample videos.