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All BlackBerry themes and games 20% off at Bplay


Sometimes it pays to keep a close eye on your Twitter friends. I follow BlackBerry entertainment company Blay’s Twitter feed, just to stay in the know about the latest in fun stuff for your BlackBerry. Bplay has just tweeted that they’re offering everything in the Bplay store — BlackBerry themes, BlackBerry games, and BlackBerry realtunes — for 20% off! To get the discount, you must use the coupon code ‘EMAIL20′. To help get you started, here are a few of our favorite recent Bplay offerings:

    iBerry 2.0 BlackBerry Theme
    New York Times Crosswords BlackBerry Game
    Guitar Hero 3 Mobile BlackBerry Game
    Deep Blue 2.0 BlackBerry Theme

If you don’t like our suggestions, you can always head to Bplay’s website for some more BlackBerry goodness!

New BlackBerry Theme: Solar Slideshow (with rotating wallpapers!)


BlackBerry themes are great because they allow you to both spice up your BlackBerry and add a personal touch. But unless you have a few themes to rotate through, staring at the same background each day can be just as boring. Bplay has introduced a new theme to cure your BlackBerry ennui: Solar Slideshow.

Solar Slideshow is a BlackBerry theme featuring 9 different background wallpapers for each planet in our solar system (we’ll give Pluto the benefit of the doubt). Each planet will stay in your background for 30 minutes before rotating to the next - consider it an intrastellar voyage for your BlackBerry!

To download Solar Slideshow for you BlackBerry, click the link below. Make sure to say hi to Major Tom for us.

Download Solar Slideshow BlackBerry Theme

Bplay launches Deep Blue 2.0 BlackBerry Theme


Popular BlackBerry entertainment brand Bplay has released their first BlackBerry theme of the new year: Deep Blue 2.0. Deep Blue 2.0 is similar to the original Deep Blue, but is now animated, giving it that high-tech, 2009 feel! Click the link below to download Deep Blue 2.0. (unfortunately not compatible with the BlackBerry 8830).

Download Deep Blue 2.0. BlackBerry Theme

BlackBerry Theme Central HUGE $2 sale


Following up on their extremely popular $3 BlackBerry theme sale, the crazy droogs over at BlackBerry Theme Central have decided to ring in the new year with an even better $2(!) sale on all BlackBerry themes. The sale will only last for two weeks (starting today), so make sure to hit the link below and check out the themes before it’s too late.

BlackBerry Theme Central BlackBerry Themes

Bplay launches Seltzer BlackBerry Theme


Bplay is back with another refreshing BlackBerry theme. Today they’ve launched their ‘Seltzer’ theme, which features calmly floating bubbles in a deep blue background — just staring at it is doing wonders for my constitution. You can download Bplay’s newest BlackBerry theme for the low, low price of $4.99 at the link below, unless you’re a BlackBerry 8830 user. Check out some more Seltzer screenshots after the jump!

Download Bplay Seltzer Theme

Seltzer BlackBerry Theme Screenshots

LiveScreens by DreamTheme screenshot blowout!


Earlier this week we gave you a first-hand look at LiveScreens, the evolution of BlackBerry personalization beyond simple themes. Readers have been so excited by the LiveScreens that we’ve decided to go a little crazy and post screenshots of all the available LiveScreens by DreamTheme. After the jump you’ll find the Velvet, Sky, Bliss, Deep and Links LiveScreens, as well as a video demonstrating how the moving backgrounds look.


LiveScreens by DreamTheme screenshot blowout

Hands On with LiveScreens from DreamTheme


Every BlackBerry user has a special love for their BlackBerry theme of choice. As one of the few ways users can personalize their BlackBerry, it’s a pretty significant statement: do you choose something trendy like an iBerry theme, or relive your youth with a Super Mario Bros theme?

We were recently contacted by DreamTheme, a company that is looking to evolve BlackBerry personalization beyond simple themes with LiveScreens. LiveScreens are essentially animated homescreen applications, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Hit the jump and come check out one of the coolest new things you can put on your BlackBerry.

What is a LiveScreen?

BlackBerry Theme Central $3 Theme Sale! (’Cool Deals)


In these dark economic times, there are few things that can bring a smile to my face. One of those things is wicked cheap BlackBerry Themes. Thankfully, those helpful gents at BlackBerry Theme Central are doing they’re part to lighten my spirits and stimulate the economy. BlackBerry Theme Central is have a $3(!) sale on all their themes from now until November 26th. You can find the entire BlackBerry Theme Central selection, ranging from the BlackBerry 8700 to the BlackBerry Bold, below.

BlackBerry Theme Central BlackBerry Themes

Bplay launches official NFL BlackBerry Themes


Are you ready for some football? I guess that’s the question on Bplay’s mind these days, after releasing officially licensed BlackBerry themes for all 32 NFL teams. Obviously, from the image above you can probably guess that my loyalty lies with ‘Da Bears’, but whatever your team Bplay has a theme for you.

You can find a collage of all 32 NFL themes after the jump. The BlackBerry Bold is not yet supported, but will be in the coming weeks.

Download your NFL team BlackBerry theme!

Bplay NFL BlackBerry Theme Collage

New BlackBerry themes: iBerry Neo and Neo Zen


Because it’s a Monday and there looks to be no stopping the bad financial news, I’m going to intersperse the news today with some lighthearted posts so we don’t all throw ourselves off the nearest building. Luckily for us, nothing brightens up the day of the BlackBerry Nation like new BlackBerry themes!

Super popular BlackBerry entertainment company Bplay has updated their incredibly popular iBerry theme with two new variants: iBerry Neo and iBerry Neo Zen. In addition, Bplay has also made two other popular BlackBerry themes available for the BlackBerry Bold: Crossbar and FlowBerry. You can download them at the links below!

Download iBerry Neo Theme
Download iBerry Neo Zen Theme
Download BlackBerry Bold Crossbar Theme
Download BlackBerry Bold FlowBerry Theme