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AT&T offers BlackBerry Professional Software


Never one to be out-done, AT&T is now offering BlackBerry Professional Software as part of a series of new deals for small business owners. The software comes with the usual array of synchronization and security features, and has recently gotten a small price drop. $499 will buy you a 5-user license and $849 will snag you a 10-user license, up to a maximum of 30 users. You can hit up AT&T at 1-888-296-4561 or via their small business website to get started.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 15


BBCoolThe BBCool podcast has two guest speakers this week. Rob Woodbridge from Rove Mobile runs us through their freshly-launched PCMobilizr, then Ahmed Datoo gives us Zenprise’s perspective of the recent outage on AT&T. Aside from that, we’ve got a few 8110 launches, a few BlackBerry Professional Software launches, a new toy for streaming your tunes, and a bunch of other stuff. Check it out!

XML remains a cruel mistress. Anyone who can crack our podcast feed and figure out why iTunes isn’t updating it will get a kickass prize and a big fat kiss from yours truly.

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Verizon releasing BlackBerry Professional Software


VerizonHot on the heels of the Spanish release, Verizon is now offering BlackBerry Professional Software to its American small enterprise customers. As ever, the BlackBerry Professional Software provides a wealth of synchronization options with pricing starting at five users for $549.99, then up to ten users for $849.00, capping out at 30 users. Verizon’s offering to upgrade existing Small Business Edition BES customers to the BlackBerry Professional software for free in an effort to phase out the older platform altogether. To get set up, call Verizon sales at 1-800-VZW-4BIZ.

RIM launches BlackBerry Professional Software


BB LogoOnce again Spain gets the goods. The BlackBerry Professional Software that was announced back in November is now available in Spain through Orange. The package is geared towards smaller businesses running on Exchange or Lotus Domino servers and dealing with fewer than 30 devices, and allows two-way synchronization of address books and calendars. If you want to try it out, RIM’s got BlackBerry Professional Express available for single users, which can then be expanded as you get more BlackBerrys to manage.

BlackBerry Professional Software debuts


RIMRIM announced today a new software bundle for small and medium businesses who are administrating up to 30 BlackBerrys on your existing e-mail server. Combined with BlackBerry Home Server, BlackBerry Unite!, and the full-blown BlackBerry Enterprise Server, RIM is setting up a nice sliding scale for all levels of enterprise users. The BlackBerry Professional Software will cost you $499 for every 5 users, which you can get for free if you buy 5 BlackBerrys before the end of November. More information over here.

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