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First Leaked Image of the BlackBerry Storm Refresh Surfaces


blackberry storm refresh

The first image of what is likely to be the refresh of the BlackBerry Storm 2 and Storm series. Apparently, it isn’t the Storm 3, but something closer to the Bold 9780. The device is said to have a 3.7 inch display, 8GB of internal memory and WiFi hotspot connectivity. The internal memory is pretty huge and it’s a pretty significant jump from previous devices. Expect to see this around the holidays.

Verizon End of Life Document Shows 9550 and 8530 Ending Fall 2010


verizon end of life

A leaked Verizon End of Life document shows the various Verizon BlackBerrys and when they’re marked for death. The BlackBerry Storm2 and Curve 8530 are next on the list and will be terminated as of the Fall of 2010. The exact dates are October 10th for the Storm2 and September 16th for the 8530. Generally, it looks like BlackBerrys are targeted at having about a year long shelf life, since the Bold 9650 is targeted as having an End of Life around March 31st, 2010.

BlackBerry Torch vs BlackBerry Storm2 Acid3 Test


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This isn’t anything we didn’t already know but it’s fun to see the Torch destroy the Storm2 on an Acid3 test. As we’ve already seen, the Torch comes in at 100/100 and the Storm2 comes in with a measly 26/100. The time it takes to render the tests is also a pretty staggering difference.

Verizon Giving End of Life Status to Storm2 9550 and Curve 8530


Verizon end of life

Verizon may be giving the BlackBerry Storm2 9550 and the Curve 8530 an End of Life. This seems like a very fast EOL notice considering these devices are less than a year old, so it makes you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes that would lead to this. Both of these devices have updates on the way, with the Curve 9300 acting as a replacement for the 8530 and the Storm2 is getting a refresh for BlackBerry 6. The exact details of the End of Life notices are as follows:
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New Touchscreen Training Slide: BlackBerry Storm 3 or Storm 2 Refresh?


The above slide shows what is rumored to be a training slide for the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 3, which according to the specs looks like a somewhat minor update to the Storm2. We have been hearing a lot of rumors about the Storm 3, such as the fact that it will come with a new OS possibly developed in partnership with the recent QNX acquisition. If you’re going to believe these rumors, the device described here is more of a Storm2 refresh with BlackBerry 6. This makes sense as RIM will probably refresh all OS 5 devices to run OS 6 before they start rolling out what could be considered OS 7.
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Howcast BlackBerry App Now Available for 9700 and Storm2


Howcast have a BlackBerry app that’s now available in App World for free. The app shows you tutorial videos on everything from How to Pick a Lock to How to Jump Start a Car.

The Howcast app for BlackBerry features:

  • Watch the best how-to videos on the web, straight from your phone
  • Search for a specific how-to video on just about anything
  • Check out our Featured and Most Recent how-to videos
  • Save a video to your list of Favorites so you can watch it at any time
  • Recall videos that you have previously watched using the History feature
  • Share any video with a friend by email

According to the Howcast blog, the app is currently only available for the Bold 9700 and Storm2 9550 with a minimum of OS 5.0.0. Support for more devices is on the way.

Download Howcast for BlackBerry from App World.