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All Magmic Themes Now on Sale for $0.99 For Limited Time


Magmic let us know that they’ve put all their themes on sale for $0.99 for a limited time. Magmic has a wide range of themes that cover even OS 7. Take the time to browse and see if there’s anything you like.

Check out all the BlackBerry themes from Magmic in BlackBerry World at this link.

Buy Your Mom a Mother’s Day BlackBerry Theme [Theme Sale]


There’s a Mother’s Day theme sale going on right now in App World and with App World gifting, you can buy your mom a lovely Mother’s Day theme for her BlackBerry. All the themes are currently $0.99 and would complement any other gift ideas you have nicely. If your mom doesn’t know how to install and download a theme, be sure to gift it and set it all up for her.
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5 New Premium Themes by Motek Now Available


Motek Mobile Themes

Motek is a company that has made some really cool apps for BlackBerry including the Code Muncher and Screen Muncher apps, as well as a host of premium themes such as the Carbon Fibre theme. The company has 5 new premium themes available so check them out.

Carbon Fibre
Haunted Halloween
HD Hidden Dock (pictured above)
Winter Dream Theme

New High Tech Solaris Theme With Integrated Weather


The latest theme from Magmic is called Solaris and it features a radial high tech design. This theme comes with extensive quality assurance testing so you can be sure that it will run smooth on your device. A core feature of Solaris is the integrated WeatherEye application that displays local weather information right on your homescreen. We definitely recommend this theme if you’re looking for something effective and stylish.

Check out the Solaris theme over at Bplay. There’s decent device support so be sure to click through and see if your device is supported.

3 Free and Awesome Themes for Your BlackBerry


Magmic has released a few more themes that come free of charge (technically a free trial). You can download the themes and try them out for yourself. Two out of three of these themes feature full OS 6 support so be sure to click through and see if your device is compatible.

Explorer Pink Trial (pictured above) - A dainty spin on our Explorer theme, Explorer Pink adds a hint of stylishness to the clean and simple desktop style interface. Just like Explorer 2.0 and Explorer Black, this new theme has an awesome assortment of avatars and background images to choose from. Explorer Pink is the epitome of mobile elegance.

Grab a free trial copy of Explorer Pink at this link.

Hit the jump for 2 more free trial themes.
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Vintage Theme from Cocky Culture Turns Your Homescreen Icons Into A Poster


Vintage Theme by Cocky Culture is definitely a unique style of theme. With Vintage, your BlackBerry homescreen is transformed into something that looks like a poster for a cool art show. Each of your icons is seamlessly woven together in cool fonts. Currently, this theme doesn’t have full coverage but it does cover 91xx, 93xx, 95xx, 9650, 9670, 9700, 9780 and 9800.

Check out the Vintage theme on Bplay at this link.