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Theme Builder with Support for All OS 6 Devices Coming Soon


theme builder announcement

In a recent Tweet from Mike Kirkup, director of developer relations at RIM, we heard that by the end of January, RIM will be launching an updated beta version of Theme Builder with support for all 6.0 devices. Themes for BlackBerry 6 are pretty interesting because BlackBerry 6 is sort of a theme itself. RIM has gone through a lot of changes in how the UI works, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that fewer themes are being purchased as users upgrade to the latest OS. It should also be interesting to see if the upcoming QNX OS will support themes.

Loop Theme is Perfect for the Snowboarding and Skiing Enthusiasts


loop theme

Hedone Design’s latest theme looks perfect for anyone interested in winter sports and with all the snow the East coast has been having lately, there are going to be lots of people hitting the slopes. The Loop theme comes with a customizable vertical slider menu that descends from the top of the screen. Device coverage is a little limited to modern devices, and includes:
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PlayBook Theme GoPlay by HedoneDesign for OS 5 and 6 Devices


When BlackBerry 6 was ramping up, we saw a few themes that gave users the ability to get a BlackBerry 6-like experience before launch. Now that the PlayBook has been getting a lot of media coverage and screenshots, we have a few themes out there that seek to mimic the UI and experience. We know that the PlayBook and QNX OS are coming to smartphones, and while it probably won’t look exactly like the PlayBook, we’ll definitely see a lot of the same features. It will be cool to see theme developers take a shot at guessing what a QNX OS BlackBerry UI would look like.

Check out HedoneDesign’s PlayBook theme GoPlay in the store.

Premium Holiday Themes from Bplay Available with Gift Cards


YouTube Link

Something we asked for last year was for BlackBerry App World to roll out gift cards. It’s a simple holiday wish that goes a long way if you know anyone with a BlackBerry. Currently, Bplay is offering a section of Holiday themes, as well as a gift card section so you can buy games, themes or apps for a friend or loved one. We also have gift cards in the Mobihand section. Maybe RIM will roll out their gift card system next year.

Check out all the Holiday themes over at Bplay from this link.

To buy a Bplay Gift Card, head over to this link.

Free Holiday Themes from RIM Are Simple But Cheerful


free theme

RIM has released a few free holiday themes to celebrate the season and even though they’re pretty simplistic, they’re still nice to look at. Considering it’s RIM, it would have been cool to see some themes with a little more creativity and animations, but their is still time and apparently they’ll be releasing more free content throughout the holiday season.

Also, strangely enough, RIM is limiting these free themes to the US and Canada. Why wouldn’t RIM offer this to Latin America and Europe?

BlackBerry Exclusive Holiday Theme – Share The Joy
BlackBerry Exclusive Holiday Theme – Let It Snow Blue
BlackBerry Exclusive Holiday Theme – Happy Holidays Red

Cool Radial-Style Theme “Wave” From Elecite


YouTube link

Wave is an interesting theme from Elecite that gives your BlackBerry a radial UI design. The theme puts your apps in an easy to navigate menu, allowing you to touch a category and find apps quickly. Wave also comes with customizable slots as well as a weather slot. Of course, with BlackBerry 6, you can just start typing the name of the app and it appears instantly, but this theme is for someone looking for an entirely new UI.

Check out this latest theme from Elecite at this link.

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