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Verizon BlackBerry Storm will be at the BlackBerry Developer Conference!!


Verizon BlackBerry Storm

As if the BlackBerry Cool 15 wasn’t enough of a reason to attend the BlackBerry Developer Conference. I just received an email from Verizon telling me that they’ll be displaying the BlackBerry Storm 9530 at DevCon!! Booth #501, baby! Expect a full hands on from BBCool at the show.

Another Vodafone BlackBerry Storm commercial


Not much to say here, as the BlackBerry Storm hype train continues worldwide. If previous Storm news wasn’t enough to make you want the device, I doubt this video will push you over, but it is cool how they imply that the Storm gives you semi-super powers.

Vodafone CMO promotes the BlackBerry Storm (updated with pricing)


UPDATE: I just noticed that the Times Online is reporting that Vodafone UK will be offering the BlackBerry Storm for free with a £35 tariff and an 18 month contract. Who among us thinks that Verizon will match that price?

For those who are still not sold on the BlackBerry Storm, I’d recommend watching the video above of Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Rovekamp. Rovekamp gives a quick, top level summary of why people should want the BlackBerry Storm 9500, which is good for those who get confused by things like cellular frequency bands and haptic screens.

If you’re looking for more info on the BlackBerry Storm, come out from under the rock where you’ve been hiding head on over to our BlackBerry Storm Round Up page.

RIM updates their BlackBerry UI development guidelines


Well, it was a pretty sure bet that with a new touchscreen BlackBerry being released, RIM was going to update their UI development guidelines. Friend of the site SingStar tipped us off that RIM has just posted a BlackBerry Smartphone UI Guideline 2.0 .pdf. Sounds like it’s coming out just in time for the BlackBerry Developer Conference… Get cracking guys! You can find the download link below:

BlackBerry Smartphone - UI Guidelines 2.0

Thanks for the tip, SingStar!

Bell BlackBerry Storm page now live!


bell blackberrry storm

Head to bell.ca/storm and check it out!

There isn’t much there other than an announcement that more info is coming soon, but at least Bell has something that Rogers (and Sprint) don’t! We’ll let you know if any more info develops.

Thanks so much, Flashy Pete!

Bell BlackBerry Storm confirmed, site up later today


bell blackberry storm confirmed

UPDATE: bell.ca/storm is now live! Check it out!

BlackBerry Cool reader Flashy Pete just sent us this image confirming that Bell is in fact getting the BlackBerry Storm, as we had reported early this morning. Who knows what was the cause of the delay (one last sack of gold to be delivered at RIM’s doorstep?), but Flashy Pete also tells us that the bell.ca/storm site should be live some time today!!

Question: which Canadian carrier will sell more Storms, Bell or Telus?

(Special thanks to LouTreize for helping to break this story originally)